Dark and Darker: What are the Best Starting Kits

Here are tips for beginners.

So there are many confusing things in Dark and Darker that make the players think about selecting materials and items they can utilize to enhance their skills. For beginners, these things are new like the looting system, zone, and hidden forts that you need to find to escape.

Also, you need to survive to get the loot that you earned while playing and defeating the enemies. So here are some tips to start with the best kits in Dark and Darker which you can choose as a starter.

In this guide, we have explained the best starting kits in Dark and Darker.

First Choose the Class Wisely

The first thing in Dark and Darker is to choose the starting class which you can choose by your liking and playstyle. You can check the stats and abilities of each class (Fighters, Rouge, Wizard) to make the decision about which one you want to choose.

Choose Dark and Darker Potions

There are three important things that you need under your observation.

  • Healing potions
  • Shield Potions
  • Bandages

You can buy them from travelers and merchants. It gets a bit expensive to buy these, particularly on a regular basis without yielding too many good results in a raid. So you need to keep the track of money and loot so you can buy more.

How to use Healing Potions in Dark and Darker

Healing potions are best to use before the fight. You can heal over time with the combined use of bandages. Using healing potions mid-fight is too risky because they heal over time rather than healing in chunks.

Just make a distance between you and the person to use the potion and let it do its work as you are running.

How to use Healing Potions in Dark and Darker

How to use Bandages in Dark and Darker

You must use bandages that will give you 20 HP instantly. Don’t use it during the fight.

Hide from your opponent behind pillars or a small room. You can also move right and left because this game won’t disturb healing while moving.

How to use Bandages in Dark and Darker

How to use Shield Potions in Dark and Darker

Shield Potions are beneficial in protection stats. The higher the protection higher the stat is even If they are temporary. You can use them before the fight to act as boosters.

How to use Throwables Items in D&D

Throwables like knives can give an edge during the fight because you need to close the distance to use them by far. They do low damage but you can use them to finish off a fleeing player, particularly after a successful duel. Where you have got them to low HP use the knives by taking the advantage of pillars and edges of the wall.

How to use Lanterns and Molotov Cocktails in Dark and Darker

Lanterns are like small explosives which you can use as a light or explosive. The explosive has a small area of impact. But they are really good for opening damage before a fight. Molotov cocktails are also very helpful both before and after the fight. They cover more area than the lanterns and you can use them to block the enemy. These are like the grenades of the game.

How to use Lanterns and Molotov Cocktails in Dark and Darker

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