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How To Fix Days Gone Crashing On Startup On Steam

Days Gone is an interesting and innovative game released by Windows that has been entertaining gamers. However, the complaints about Days gone crashing on PC are increasing. While playing an error message appears telling us “something went wrong with this game.”

There are several bugs and glitches which are floating around the source code preventing the smooth functioning of the game. This can also happen due to several reasons like an un-updated graphic driver, corrupted game data, etc.

in Windows 11, 10 and 7

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How To fix Days Gone crashing on Steam

We have tried several troubleshooting ideas to resolve the issue and we have come up with solutions you can try to resolve the Days gone crashing on Steam issue and enjoy the game.

Before trying these fixes, reboot your device for once it often eliminates the problem. However, if it doesn’t get solved try these below-mentioned troubleshooting guides one by one. 

Check system requirements to play Days Gone on PC

Before applying any one of the below-mentioned fixes you should check the system requirements to play the Days Gone game on your PC. Most of the time it is the insufficient hardware that triggers the crashing issues while playing the game or at startup while launching.

The fastest way to check your PC specs we recommend our users to download Speccy which is the No.1 PC System information tool. It’s totally free and safe to use.

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Minimum System Requirements:

Fix 1. Install the latest game patch

Developers time to time, release new patches and updates to fix the bugs and glitches. So, if your Days Gone is constantly crashing or not launching on your PC then check for the available update and if there is any update available, then install it.

Fix 2. Update graphic card drivers

If you can’t launch the game, get a black screen, or if Days Gone simply crashes in the middle of gameplay then it could be due to corrupted or outdated graphic card drivers. Updating GPU drivers usually resolve the crashing, launching, and performance-related issue. You can go to the official website of developers and manually install recommended drivers.

Also, you can automatically update and install the graphic card drivers using a third-party application. However, here is the guide to manually updating your GPU drivers to resolve the days gone crashing issue. 

Fix 3. Rename the movies folder

There is this strange but effective way to resolve the day gone not launching or crashing issue.

Fix 4. Install Microsoft Visual C++

Corrupted Microsoft Visual C++ is a possible reason behind Days Gone not launching and constantly crashing. If “vcruntime140_1.dll missing” or “MSVCP140.dll was not found” appears on the screen when the game crashes then you need to reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ on your PC. 

Fix 5. Verify the integrity of game files

If you download the game and some of the files are not downloaded correctly or corrupted then it may cause many problems and prevents the game from proper launching. For this have to check or verify the integrity of the Days Gone game files to identify the corrupted file and fix it automatically. On Steam, you can follow the following steps

Fix 6. Launch the game in windowed mode

When you run Days Gone in fullscreen it consumes a lot of processing resources which sometimes results in the game being unresponsive. Try launching Days Gone in windowed mode to help your computer process everything.

Fix 7. Turn off overlays

Overlays that are running in the background can also be a possible cause of the Days Gone crash. Hence, to resolve days gone not launching or crashing issues on Steam turn off the overlays. 

Fix 8. Close unnecessary background applications

Unnecessary background running applications can cause hindrance in Days Gone by consuming many system resources, which may be the reason behind the days gone crashing issue. To resolve this issue close all the unnecessary background apps following these steps.

Fix 9. Increase virtual memory

Increasing the virtual memory also can fix the crashing or not launch issue of Days Gone. 

Fix 10. Temporarily disable windows defender

Windows Defender protects the system from threats or viruses, but it can possibly block Days Gone causing the Days Gone constant crashing or not launching problem. Hence, you can try disabling the Window Defender temporarily on your Windows PC:

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Fix 11. Use DirectX 11

If your system is running an updated Windows 10 OS, it may be using DirectX 12 version instead of the recommended DirectX 11 for this game. Hence for resolving days gone crashing on startup PC (steam) try selecting DirectX 11. 

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