Death Stranding Trainer – Infinite Health, Stamina, Ammo, Material

The beauty of PC gaming is cheat codes. If you are done playing a game and want to try what more, you can do then Cheat Codes are the best thing to go for.

By activating cheats you can gain infinite health, stamina, ammo material, and many more. So, in this guide, we’ll tell you all the cheats for Death Stranding Trainer.

Death Stranding Trainer Mods for PC

Till yet Nexus had not updated any mods for Death Stranding. However, mods like Freezing Times, Unlimited Health, Instant Resources, or simply Fast Travel are something Death Stranding Players on PC will love to use. These mods will save a ton of time that was not possible on PS4 at all.

Mod manager software mostly manages the mod installation. You have to add them first  Nexus Mods is one of the most popular sites for Mods. This is a place where you must check for useful mods along with the Mod Manager software.

Keep in mind that such trainers and cheats are shared via websites that do not have any official connection with the game. So, beware of malicious software.

Death Stranding Trainer Cheats

Death Stranding has Denuvo DRM protection so probably you will not be able to try out this while online. Below are Death Stranding PC Cheat codes that are activated by the tool and assigned to a keyboard shortcut.

Cheat codes Cheat effects
Num 1Infinite Health
Num 2Max Consciousness
Num 3 Infinite Stamina
Num 4No Fatigue (No Max Stamina Drop)
Num 5Zero BB Pressure
Num 6Edit Carrying Weight Capacity
Num 7 Infinite Ammo/Infinite Item Usage
Num 8 Max Equipment Durability
Num 9 Max Carrying Item Durability
Num 0Max Container Durability
Num.Retain Balance/Won’t Fall
Alt+Num 1  Invulnerable/Ignore Hits
Alt+Num 2  Infinite Equipment Battery
Alt+Num 3Infinite Vehicle Battery
Ctrl+Num 1Infinite Materials
Ctrl+Num 2 Max Material Storage Capacity
Ctrl+Num 3 Edit Chiral Crystals
Ctrl+Num 4  Set Game Speed
Ctrl+Num 5Max Building Durability
Ctrl+Num 6 Infinite Chiral Bandwidth

The trainer also removes the falling restriction, when you try to move fast with a heavyweight the character falls to the ground. He loses some health and damages the cargo. The trainer completely removes the fall penalty and just unlocks infinite materials, which is kind of a dream in Death Stranding. There is one limitation to these features it only works for the cargo you already own.

Death Stranding PC trainer claims to be working with Epic Games and Store. Also, there can be serious game-crashing issues reported by some of the users. If this happens you have to remove the trainer completely and may have to re-install the games. Such trainers come with this kind of risk, and Death Stranding is not a small game to download.


  • “Retain Balance/Won’t Fall”: When activated, you won’t fall on the ground when running.
  • “Infinite Materials” only works for materials that you already own.
  • “Easy Building & Upgrade”: When activated, you can finish building/upgrade by putting in any amount of material (You can just put in 1 chiral crystal). The building will also upgrade to the maximum level automatically.
  • “Easy Building & Upgrade”: This option will consume your carrying chiral crystals, you can use “Edit Chiral Crystals” and keep it active to have infinite chiral crystals.
  • “Easy Building & Upgrade” lets you set a custom amount of materials to be added to the construction site. Note this value must be greater than the amount of the required material to finish the building/upgrade.