Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to complete A Space Ranger Recruit

In Disney Dreamlight Valley you have to do many kinds of quests which include crafting, growing, and upgrading as well. Quest will be given to you mostly by Woody and Buzz which will be available in the game menu. You need to complete a quest to unlock the next one. As you progress through the game, you will do many quests. A quest you will do in the game is A Space Ranger Recruit.

In thus guide, we will discuss how to complete A Space Ranger Recruit quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to craft Space Ranger Ship:

This quest starts when you met with Buzz Lightyear. Where he will ask you to build a Space Ranger Ship by gathering the materials. You need to gather Hardwood which you can get from trees in the Forest of Valor. Then you need some glass which you can get from the dazzle beach by getting the sand and crafting the glass at the crafting machine. Then you need iron ingots you can find the glass by mining in the Glade of trust and Sunlit Plateau.

space ranger ship

Craft the five Iron Ingots. After that, you will be able to get all the materials. Now you need to go to the crafting machine and in Furniture select the Space Ranger Ship and craft it. Now you need to place the Ship near the Buzz’s RV. Look for the open area around the RV and place the ship there. After placing the ship go talk to Buzz again.

How to make the Navy Blue Dye (Space Uniform):

After talking to Buzz he will ask you to meet Scrooge McDuck. Go talk to him and he will ask you to Gather Materials like Blue Falling Penstemons, Coal, Blueberries, and an Empty Vial. You will be able to find Blue Falling Penstemons in the Plaza, Blueberries in the Forest of Valor, and Coal from the mining, and then get the glass to craft the empty Vial. Now you have all the materials and you can craft Navy Blue Dye.

space ranger ship

Now you need to find Fiber, Softwood, and Topez. You can get Topez from the plaza by breaking the stone. You can craft the Fiber by getting the seaweed which you can get by fishing. You can find softwood within the trees. After getting all the materials and talk to Scrooge and giving all the materials to Scrooge and he will give Space Ranger Helmet and Wings. Then report to Buzz to finish the quest.

navy blue dye recipe

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