Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to complete A Space Ranger Reputation Quest

In Disney Dreamlight Valley players have to do a lot of quests some are related to gathering items and some are related to crafting and cooking. You need to complete them in order to progress in the game. You also have to do A Space Ranger Reputation Quest during the game progress.

In this guide, we will discuss how to complete A Space Ranger Reputation Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Buzz and Ursula Conversation:

Go talk to buzz and where he will talk about some threats. Follow the buzz to the beach and near the bridge on the beach buzz will talk to Ursula. Listen to the Conversation in which they got into some argument and the Ursula leaves. 


How to find the Buzz Light year Playing Cards:

Talk to Buzz again and he will ask you to locate and find the cards. Now travel to Toy Story Realm. There you need to find the cards. Look around and find the cards. The first one you will find is from the rainbow book within the big bucket. Interact with the book to get the cards. The next one you will find from the music portrait to the left side in the corner. The third one you will be available to find from the book in front of the small toy house. Interact with the book to get the card. You can look for the cards in your inventory. After getting all the cards to go back and talk to Buzz.

finding buzz lightyear

How to find Sheets of Paper:

After talking to Buzz he will ask you to find the Sheets of paper which you can by searching Merlin’s and Donald’s and Mickey’s House. First, go to Merlin’s house and you will find this near the Bookshelf. Next, go to Mickey’s Hosue and you will find this paper near the sofa get the sheet. And move towards the Donald’s House which you will find on the beach and you will find the paper toward the corner.

sheets of paper

After getting all the items got to the crafting machine and craft the Buzz Lightyear Leaflets.

Distributing Buzz Lightyear Leaflets:

After crafting talk to Buzz and he will ask you to give the Buzz Lightyear Leaflets to Donald, Maui, and Ursula. First, go and talk to Ursula and give her the Buzz Lightyear Leaflets. Then go to Donald and give him the Buzz Lightyear Leaflets and at last talk to Maui and give him the Buzz Lightyear Leaflets. After giving them all go talk to buzz again and finish the quest.

Buzz lightyear leaflets

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