Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete Build a Snowman Duty

In Disney Dreamlight Valley the village was attacked by the darkness and then you arrived now you have the magic to change the village and bring peace again. You will have to follow the questlines and gather materials and items. Then used those materials and items to craft different structures. You also have to craft a different structure to change the look of the Valley. During the game progress, you also have to build a snowman duty.

In this guide, we will discuss how to complete Build a Snowman Duty in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

If you scroll down in to your menu there you will see the snow statues that you need to build and after building all of them and you will get a (Do You Wanna build a Snowman) gift.

Now you need to build four Snow Statues.

  • Haughty Snowman
  • Snow Kid
  • Snow Lady
  • Classic Snowman

Each Snow Person requires specific materials. Some of them are identical materials and some of them are separate. You can check the requirements by clicking on the statue in the game menu.

How to Build a Haughty Snowman:

To build the Haughty Snowman you need to get Snowball which you can get from the Frosted Heights. The crystal you can get from Forgotten Lands. The fabric you need to grow the cotton to craft the Fabric. Ruby, you can find it in Vitalys Mines.

haughty snowman

Building different types of Snowman:

To build Snow Kid you need to get the Snowball, Fabrics Carrot, and Pebbles. You need to grow carrots first get the seeds and grow them it will take 15 minutes to grow. You can find Pebbles almost at every place but you can mostly search the Dazzle Beach.

To build the Snow Lady and Classic Snowman you need the same materials as Snow Kid. Just grab them in numbers when you are collecting them it will take some time to gather the materials.

classic snowman

After gathering all the materials craft the Haughty Snowman and move towards the Dazzle Beach and look for the open free space and there you need to place the Snowman. After placing the Snowman go to the main menu and open the (Do You Wanna build a Snowman) gift. After opening the gift you will receive the Festive Candy Ears with Bow.


This is how you can build the snowman and receive the gift. I hope this guide will help you.

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