Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete the Fragmented Past Quest

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a real-life simulation game where you have to do the quest and find the items. You have to find multiple items and then to craft the specific material required by the Quest Giver. You will be given different tasks during the quest like fishing and cooking in which you have to gather different ingredients to cook the meal some of which you have to grow. During the game progress, you will have to do Fragmented Past Quest.

In this guide, we will discuss how to complete the Fragmented Past Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to find the Buried Clue:

Go talk to the buzz light year and start the quest. From there you have to go to the Forest of Valor with him. There you have to find the buried clue about Buzz’s Past. Near the water interact with a shining star and dig to get the clue. Then talk to Buzz.

buried clue location

Fish Soup and Tuna Burger:

Now you need to talk to Scar you will find him by his icon on the map. He will ask you to cook two meals. You will get the recipes to make sure to read the recipes in your inventory. Go to the kitchen and find the recipes that you need to cook. Cook the fish soup you can auto-fill the ingredients and you can also pour them manually. Manually cooking will take some time to find the ingredients to pour. Select the ingredients from the list and pour them one by one.

fish soup

Then look for the Tuna Burger recipe. Select the ingredients and pour them in to make the recipe.

tuna burger

How to find Second Clue:

After cooking the recipes go back to scar and talk to him and give him the recipes. Now you need to find the missing part in the Scar’s Cave. Go inside the Scar’s and you will find this piece of clue with the fire pot.

second clue

How to find Third Clue:

Now you need to find the third clue which you will be able to find in Sunlit Plateau near the river. Go there and you need to do fishing on the orange bubbles. After fishing, you will get an old fishing road. Use the road in your inventory to get the third clue.

third clue location

After that listen to Buzz and Scar’s conversation. After the conversation is over go talk to buzz and this will finish the quest.