Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete The Illumination Quest

Disney Dreamlight Valley is all about completing the quests in which we have to gather different materials to build and craft different items. You also have to do The Illumination Quest during the game progress.

In this guide, we will discuss How to complete The Illumination in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Talk to Woody and he will ask you about his light problem in Carousel. And he will ask you to help him and the quest will start. Now you need to examine the toy chest in the carousel. Interact with the chest and pick up the Old Ruler’s Lost Dairy Page in the Carousel. Read the paper and talk to the Woody.

Get the Childhood Items:

 Now you need to get the items from

  • Moana
  • Ariel
  • Kristoff

You can find them looking at the locations of their icons on the map. First talk to Ariel and get the Music Box and move forward.

Now you go talk to Moana and she will give you the Conch Shell. Take the Conch Shell and head toward the Kristoff.   

Talk to Kristoff and he will give you a Troll Statue. After getting all the items go back and talk to Woody and give him the items.

childhood items

How to craft the Blanket Fort:

After giving the items he will ask you to gather the materials for the Blanket Fort. Softwood you can get from the trees and for the Cotton, you need to grow by getting the seeds and Fabric you can craft after getting the cotton. For the Glass, you need the get the Sand and Coal ore from the beach and then craft the glass. At last Rope, you also need to craft the rope by getting the Seaweed. After getting all the materials go to your crafting machine and craft the Blanket Fort.

blanket fort crafting

Place The Blanket Fort:

Now you need to place the Blanket Fort look for the free space in the Valley and place the Blanket Fort by selecting from the furniture. After placing the carousel meet with the Woody at the Carousel. This will upgrade his Carousel. Now talk to Woody again and he will ask you to keep the blanket fort and also gives you a Pull String. A pull string is an appearance item that will work as a backpack. You can access it from your wardrobe.

placing blanket fort

This is how you can complete the illumination quest. I hope this guide will help you.

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