Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Cook All Boba Tea Flavor Recipes

In Disney Dreamlight Valley players have a lot of activities to do you can do quests in which you have to find the materials. You can craft items and structures to make the village better. You can go fishing and catch rare fish which will help you get a good amount of money.

You can also change your appearance and make your character look dashing. You can also do cooking in which you can cook recipes and you have to gather the ingredients to cook the recipe. You will also make Boba Tea during the game.

In this guide, we will discuss how to All Boba Tea Flavor Recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Cook:

You need to access your kitchen where you need to look for the recipe to cook. Each dish requires ingredients that will be mentioned in the requirements. Gather the ingredients and pour them into the big Cooker to make the Recipe. You can find the ingredients in different places. Some ingredients you can buy and for some you have to grow them.


These are the Boba Tea flavors that you can cook.

  • Simple Boba Tea
  • Mint Boba Tea
  • Gooseberry Boba Tea
  • Raspberry Boba Tea
  • Coconut Boba Tea

How to Cook Boba Tea:

For simple Boba Tea, you need Sugar Cane and milk. Gather the ingredients and pour them and start cooking. You will get the Boba Tea recipe.

How to Cook Mint Boba Tea:

Each Boba tea requires different ingredients that you need to gather. For the Mint Boba Tea first gather Milk, Sugar Cane, and Mint Leaves. After getting all the ingredients cook the recipe.

mint boba tea

How to Cook Gooseberry Boba Tea:

First, you need to gather Gooseberry, Milk, and Sugar Cane. Pour them inside the cooker and start cooking you will get the Gooseberry Boba Tea.

gooseberry boba tea

How to Cook Raspberry Boba Tea:

You can also Gooseberry Boba Tea first gather the Raspberry, Milk, and Sugar Cane and pour them to make the recipe.

How to Cook Coconut Boba Tea:

First look for the ingredients and gather the ingredients. After getting all the ingredients pour them to cook the drink.

coconut boba tea

This I show you can cook all the Boba Tea Flavor Recipes. Most of the ingredients are the same except for the major one. I hope this guide will help you.

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