Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to do You’re My Favorite Deputy Quest

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a real-life simulator game where you can perform different actions in the game. You can change the appearance of your character. Help the valley to grow more by upgrading the buildings and homes. You can cook, grow food, fishing, and many more. You also have to do different quests in the game to progress.

In this guide, we will discuss how to do You’re My Favorite Deputy Quest.

Gather the materials:

We need to go to Toy Story Realm which is right next to the stairs. Go inside and talk to Woody. He will ask you to clean the room by gathering the materials which you can by destroying the pipe cleaner and Ice Pop stick. You need to destroy six ice pop sticks and five Pipe cleaners. Look around for these around the room.  Some will be found easily on the floor and some will be hidden. Find them and destroy them. Use the pick axe to destroy the pipes and use the shovel to destroy the ice pops.

destroying ice pops

Gather Yellow Daisy and Adhesive Bonding Agent:

After gathering the materials talk to the woody again and he will ask you to find the yellow daisy and also want you to talk to buzz. Access the main menu and go to the Collection and select forging and look for Yellow Daisy which is a flower. You can also find flowers in the garden.

Yellow daisy location

After gathering the flowers go talk to the buzz light year. You will find the Buzz in the garden. Talk to him and he will give you an item (Adhesive Bonding Agent). Go back and talk to Woody and give him the materials.

Gather Origami Animals:

Now talk to Woody again and he will ask you to gather Origami Animals. Look around the area and find the items Butterfly, Elephant, Penguin, and tortoise.

origami animals

Place the Woody’s Carousel:

Now Woody will ask you to visit the village and place his Carousel there. Go to the furniture and select the clear area in the village and place Woody’s Carousel there. This will complete the quest and you will get the 10000.

Woody's Carousel

This is how you can complete the You are my Favorite Deputy quest. We hope this guide will help you.

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