Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to get the Coffee Beans and Make Coffee Recipe

In Disney Dreamlight Valley you have to do a lot of things which include crafting cooking fishing and Growing. You also need to cook the recipes during the game progress. And the update in the Disney Dreamlight Valley introduces many new recipes which you can make. To make every recipe you need to find the required ingredients. For that, you need to grow them and buy them. You will also have to make coffee during the game progress. 

In this guide, we will discuss how to get Coffee Beans and Make Coffee Recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

So you will be able to make this recipe after unlocking the Stitch. After that, you will be able to grow coffee beans.

How to get the Coffee Beans:

First, you need to gather the materials to plant the Coffee Tree. These are the materials that you need.

  • Pebbles (25)
  • Clay (25)
  • Sack (1)

You can get the Pebbles and clay from the Sunlit Plateau where you can dig anywhere and get these materials.

For Sack, you need to craft it on the Workbench. Gather Fiber from the shop and get soil from the Forgotten Lands and craft the Sack. After gathering all the materials craft the Coffee Sapling.

coffee sapling

Now you need to grow the Coffee Sapling find a free spot in the grassy area and dig with your shovel on the ground. Grow the seeds and water the plant this will take 45 minutes to grow seeds. After that gather the seeds.

How to Make Coffee:

Now you have the seeds and you can go to the kitchen and make the recipe. Coffee is 1-Star Recipe its only need one ingredient. After arriving at the kitchen you need to look for the beans from the apple icon. Select the beans and pour them into the water and make the coffee. You will get the Plain Coffee Recipe. You can also sell the coffee for 43 Star Coin and it also restores the health to 730. So it will be a very useful item in your inventory.

making coffee

This is how you can grow the Coffee beans and make the Coffee recipe. I hope this guide will help you.