Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Solve Failing Better Quest

So in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you have to do a lot of things to explore the Village. The village is got attacked by dark magic. Now you are the one that will make this better again. Explore includes many things like fishing crafting cooking and many more. There are a lot of quests you have to do given by the NPC. Most of the quests are related to finding materials and items.

In this guide, we will discuss how to complete the Failing Better Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where To Meet Remy in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To start this quest you need to talk to Remy (A little Mouse). You will find Remy in The Plaza. He will ask you to eat the meal. You need to eat two meals (Salty Garlic Cheese Cake and Gooey Paste). Go to your inventory and eat both meals.  

Where To Meet Remy in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Cook Cheese Cake and Vegetarian Pizza in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After eating the meals talk to Remy again and he will ask you to cook two meals (Cheese Cake and Vegetarian Pizza). You can cook the recipes by going to the kitchen and also by making the kitchen outside in the valley. Let’s cook the pizza first.

You will see the list of ingredients that you need to use to make the pizza. After pouring all the items start cooking. Now select the items for Cheesecake and cook the recipe.

Cook Cheese Cake and Vegetarian Pizza recipe

Go back and talk to Remy and give him the meal. Then Talk to woody and follow him to Dazzle Beach.

Catch Fish and Find Wheat in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now talk to the woody on the beach and he will ask you to catch the Cod Fish and find some Wheat. You need to catch three of the fish and find three wheat. You can catch fish on Dazzle Beach and forgotten lands.

For the wheat, you need to first buy the Wheat seeds from the Goofy. It will cost you three coins. Then you need to grow them.

Go anywhere in the open area and plant the seed and you will see them grow in no instance.

After getting the fish and wheat go back to Woody and show the items to him. He will ask you to give the goods to the Goofy.

wheat seed

Clean the Carousel

Now go back and talk to woody at the Carousel. He will ask you to clean the Carousel. Clean the Carousel by removing the trash from there. And meet him again to end the quest.

cleaning carousel

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