Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to unlock the Stitch Character and Start the First Stitch Quest

In Disney Dreamlight Valley you will also have to unlock the character which you will be able to do during the game progress. During the game progress, you also have to unlock the stitch which is a small blue-colored puppy.

In this guide, we will discuss How to unlock the Stitch Character and Start the First Stitch Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Unlock Stitch Character:

You need to complete the three quests. You will be able to start this by going to the left side of the ship and interacting with the shining stars on the sand between two trees. Quest (The Mystery of the Stolen Socks).

The second one will be unlocked several days after the first one. You will be able to access the quest by interacting with the socks at the Peaceful Meadow. Quest (The Sock-Stealing Space Alien Strikes Again!).

The third one will unlock several real – life days after the second one. You will be able to start this at Forest of Valor after picking up the socks. Quest (Built to Destroy).  

 How to Unlock the Hidden Requirements:

To unlock the Hidden Requirements you need to get one of the Donald Signs from three of them. You will get a Quest (Goodness Level Check) after picking up the Donald Sign.

Talk to Donald and gather Materials:

Now go talk to Donald Duck and show him the sign. You will talk a little bit and after that talk to Stitch. Stitch will ring the train sound and pranks Donald which will make him laugh. Now you will ask him to stop the prank and replace the signs. Now you need to find fifteen Hardwood and fifteen Softwood which you can find near the trees. You also need to gather two more signs. You will find the next two Vandalized Signs near the entrance to the peaceful Meadow. One you will find near the stairs and the second you will find near the wheat fields.

Place the Signs:

Now give some of the materials to Stitch. Go to your crafting station and craft two Donald Signs. After crafting the signs talk to Stitch and give him the signs. After talking to Stitch place the signs in the Peaceful Meadow. Look for the free space and place the three signs. After placing the sign talk to Stitch and ask him to say sorry to Donald. After that listen to stitch and Donald’s conversation. In the conversation, stich apologizes to Donald and promises him not to play a further prank on him. Talk to Stitch again to complete the task.