How To Fix Disney Plus App Not Working Problem on TV, Laptop, and Mac

Is your Disney Plus app not working? or you are in a continuous struggle to know why is your Disney Plus app not working? And now you are looking for a guide to fix it. Disney Plus problems can have a variety of causes. Therefore, making troubleshooting can be quite difficult, especially if you don’t have the right information.

The most common reasons Disney Plus doesn’t function are connectivity or internet speed issues. But now there is nothing to worry about because you’ve come to the right site. Read this article and Learn how to fix the Disney Plus not working on TV, Laptop, and Mac.

How To Fix Disney Plus App Not Working Problem on TV, Laptop, and Mac?

Here are the troubleshooting methods you should try to get back up the working of Disney plus app on TV, Laptop, and Mac.

1. Restart the Disney Plus

Close the Disney Plus app and restart it to fix several glitchy behaviors. Try relaunching the app after you close it to see if it resolves the issue. You may close and restart the app on TV, laptop and Mac, however the steps for closing the app will differ depending on your device.

2. Check your Wi-Fi Connection

Maybe you get error code 24 or 43 which means you have a very unstable internet connection. Make sure you have a stable internet connection if you are experiencing issues other than the errors with the Disney Plus app.

  • Check cellular signal strength symbols such as at the bottom on your laptop screen. Another option is to try watching a video on a different website, such YouTube. Reboot your Wi-Fi router and cable modem if your connection is having issues by turning them both off for at least two minutes, turning them back on, and waiting for roughly 10 minutes for your connection to reestablish.
  • Check to see whether Disney Plus is being blocked by a network administrator. Sometimes, organizations put content restrictions on their Wi-Fi in a library, or workplace. In this situation, the best way to fix this problem is to switch to another network for streaming on Disney Plus.

3. Check Disney Plus Server Status

Disney Plus should always be available, but it’s still worth checking to see if the service is offline, which might result in Disney plus not working issues on your devices. You may visit the Down Detector page for the Disney Plus network status to check what it currently reports. Down Detector monitors the status of websites and services.

4. Check Disney Plus is Available in your Region

If Disney Plus isn’t working when you’re traveling, it’s possible that the streaming service isn’t accessible where you are. It is simple to find out if Disney Plus is available somewhere. If not, you may either wait till you go back home to watch or try setting up a VPN(for example, ExpressVPN, Surfshark, NordVPN) and configuring it to your current location so you can have access.

5. Update the Disney Plus App (Laptop & PC)

Disney Plus needs constant updates to keep its working properly on your device and to address any issues with the Disney Plus app. Check if there is a newer version of the app available in case you haven’t updated it on your device.

For laptop/PC:

  • On your laptop or computer, first launch the Microsoft Store.
  • Choose Downloads and Updates by clicking on More Options after that.
  • Go to the list of apps with available updates and look for Disney Plus.
  • Lastly, to install the update, click the Download button next to Disney Plus.

For Mac:

If Disney Plus is not working on your Macbook, go ahead and update the app on Apple Store.

6. Clear the app’s cache

If you tried all the fixes above and the Disney Plus app on your devices is still not working, you might have a corrupted application cache.

For TV:

  • From your TV remote control, press the Home button.
  • Navigate to Settings and choose Apps.
  • Choose Open Apps.
  • Search for the Disney Plus app.
  • Select Clear Cache.

In case of Laptop/PC or Mac you have to clear browser’s cache

7. Reinstall the Disney plus App

We advise you to try reinstalling the app on your device. During use or when the servers had an unexpected issue, some of its installation files could be damaged or it’s also possible that the app was not initially installed correctly on your device.

For TV:

  • On your TV remote, click the Home button.
  • Open the Disney Plus app.
  • Take your remote cursor to the Disney Plus app.
  • Using your TV remote, choose Remove by pressing the Down button.
  • Restart the TV, then reinstall the Disney plus App.

For Laptop/PC:

  • To start, click the Windows key on your keyboard and type “Add or Remove Programs” into the search box.
  • Click Open to launch it, after that.
  • Search for Disney Plus on the list and then click it.
  • To uninstall the program, click Uninstall.
  • After you’re finished, launch the Microsoft Store on your laptop/PC and reinstall Disney Plus there. Check if the app is again working by logging into your account again.

8. Contact Disney Plus Support

Disney Plus should work on your devices if you’ve followed all of the above mentioned fixes. But if the problem still persists, you should get in touch with Disney Plus and report it. The official support/help page for Disney Plus is here.