Does Disabling Superfetch Increases FPS Gaming Performance?

I turned off Superfetch on Windows and it solved 90% of my performance issues.

Stuttering, lagging, or fluctuation in FPS while playing games remain a big problem today. So many users suggested that disabling Superfetch increases FPS.

Most of you might be facing this bizarre situation where their gaming PC or laptop went into a hanging/crawl situation for a couple of minutes. When they open Windows task manager they see the SuperFetch/Sysmain process running and eating up disk usage.

disabling superfetch increases FPS

If you are also dealing with Low FPS or PC performance problems and you are thinking about disabling SuperFetch. Then wait as it might affect your PC in a negative way. But first!

What is SuperFetch/Sysmain Process?

SuperFetch was created to improve the loading time of common applications and common documents. It is intended to preload files that Windows thinks the user might load next.

Basically, it loads programs and things you use often that it thinks you’ll use soon in order to speed up the process of loading them.

Many users used to add this process to the “turn off” list but honestly, it wasn’t designed to optimize gaming performance on any PC.

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I turned off Superfetch on Windows and it solved 90% of my performance issues

Here was a guy on a certain forum who claimed that disabling Superfetch Increases FPS performance;

He was dealing with severe stuttering and freezing while playing games even though he had the best gaming PC. He realized that SuperFetch is the main cause of high disk usage. He turned off the SuperFetch process and Hola gained a huge boost in FPS performance during gameplay. He ended up solving the 99% of disk usage issue.

SuperFetch and PreFetch have been there in Windows since XP. But those PCs that have HDD instead of SSD turning off Superfetch proved to be helpful. Once PCs started to equip with SSDs on Windows 7 and onward editions, Windows automatically disable Superfetch to enhance PC performance.

Because with the fast SSDs there’s no need for PC to preload apps to minimize RAM or Disk usage

If you are still having an HDD or have an old PC then you should probably disable superfetch to increase FPS in gameplay and PC overall performance.

How can I Disable Superftech/Sysmain on Windows?

If you are constantly dealing with high Disk usage on Windows PC due to the SuperFetch process. Then you might also face a bad CPU temperature problem for that you should keep a close eye by downloading a CPU temperature monitor or fan controlling software.

To disable Superfetch (Sysmain) on Windows 10:

  • Press Windows + R, type services.msc, and press Enter
  • In the services app, scroll down to SysMain, right-click on the service, and select Stop
  • Once the service is stopped right-click on Sysmain to open “Properties.”
  • In the Startup type dropdown, select “Disabled“.

Now that you have permanently disabled superfetch/Sysmain on windows 10. It won’t start even you restart your PC hence you will see a decline in high disk usage.

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