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Advanced SystemCare Download & Review

Ultimate PC optimizer with the ability to monitor PC temperature.
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IObit Advanced SystemCare is a free PC optimization tool used by millions of Windows users. It can remove junk files, fix broken registries, enhance PC health & internet speed, protect the system from malware, and update outdated programs in a single click.

In its previous version, these were the major functions that Advanced SystemCare can perform. No doubt this tool proves to be very beneficial for PCs because it made them perform faster while putting a minimal load on system resources.

With the release of the Advanced SystemCare 14 latest version, it took a giant leap forward by introducing new features that are the need of today.

What New Features Advanced SystemCare 14 Introduced?

Now with its latest version users can instantly check CPU temperature, GPU temperature, mainboard temp, and CPU fan speed. With the addition of this new feature, this tool has become a complete package.

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You can check all of this information on the Performance monitor. To open this monitor you need to turn the slider on Real-Time Tune-up features. It let you see system performance and temperature.

Download Advanced SystemCare free tune-up utility for PC

If your computer is consuming high memory or CPU usage, you can also check the running processes and if required can end them.

Now if you click on the “Metrics” icon you can check your PC temperature. This tool can show temp readings in both “Celsius” and “Farenheight.” Simply click on the °F or °C symbol to change the readings. Considering these factors you can safely include this tool in the list of best CPU temperature monitors.

Advanced SystemCare for PC - Performance Monitor Interface

Now coming to the PC fan speed which is another important factor to check if your system is overheating or not. Unlike other PC fan controller software that allows you to manually control CPU fan speed.

The Advanced SystemCare 14 only shows you the RPM (Round Per Minute). If you want to know what should be the ideal CPU fan speed then click on the link.

What if Advanced SystemCare Doesn’t Show PC Temperature?

By default when you download and install this PC optimizer it shows CPU and GPU temperature readings in the performance monitor. In case, it’s not showing you these readings then you need to tweak a little bit.

  • Open Advanced SystemCare and from the main Windows click on three horizontal Lines i.e. options.
  • Then click on Settings > General Settings
  • Now make sure that “Enable Performance Monitor and load it at Windows startup” is checked.
Check CPU temp using Advanced SystemCare 14

How To Check CPU Temperature using Advanced SystemCare

  1. Download and Install Advanced SystemCare 14
    Click on this link to download this utility and install it on your PC.
  2. Enable real-Time Tune-Up
    Double click to run the utility and from the left side click on the “Speed Up” tab. Turn the slider on of “Performance monitor
  3. Check Performance Monitor
    You will see a small bar appearing on the Windows screen. Click on the “Arrow” to reveal more info. Now click on the “Metrics” tab to check CPU, GPU, mainboard temp, and fan speed.