How To Free Download Windows 10 ISO 64-bit and 32-bit Direct Download Link in 2023

Authentic download links to get latest Windows 10 edition.

Are you looking for Windows 10 ISO images direct download link? The Win 10 ISO images (Windows 10 version 21H2/November 2021) are still available with the latest cumulative update in all editions and languages.

This article explains how you can freely download Windows 10 ISO 64-bit and 32-bit genuine safely. You can use the ISO file to install it on VirtualBox or Bootable USB/disk.

Is Windows 10 ISO Images Still Available via Microsoft’s Website

Microsoft is offering Windows 11 ISO direct download but where is the Win 10 ISO direct download link? Luckily, Microsoft is still offering Windows 10 2022 Update | Version 22H2. You can get easily get 64-bit and 32-bit Win 10 ISO images from here.

It is the genuine and safest way to download Win 10 OS in 2023.

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Why Windows 10 ISO Download Link from Microsoft’s Website not Showing Up?

It’s because you are accessing Microsoft’s website from a Windows computer. The direct link to download the Windows 10 ISO won’t show up for Windows OS users.

In case, you’re using an Android device, you can navigate to the Win 10 page to access the Windows 10 ISO images directly.

To bypass this restriction, you can modify your Windows computer’s user agent using developer tools. This will allow you to access the download page for the Windows 10 disc image (ISO file). From there, you can select the appropriate edition for download. As of now, the available edition for download is the Windows 10 2023 Update (version 22H2).

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How to Directly Download Windows 10 21H2 ISO Files from Microsoft (Without Media Creation Tool)

Step 1: Open Chrome or a similar browser like Microsoft Edge.

Step 2: Click the 3-dot menu at the top-right, then go to More tools > Developer tools.

Step 3: A new window will pop up on the right.

Step 4: Leave this window open and go to the Microsoft Windows 10 download page.

Step 5: In the Developer tools window, click the 3-dot menu again and choose Network Conditions.

Step 6: Look for “User agent” under Network conditions, and uncheck “Use browser default.”

Step 7: Choose “Custom” and pick a mobile device, like Chrome – iPad or Chrome – Android.

Step 8: Press Ctrl + F5 to refresh the page. Now you can see the Windows 10 ISO download.

Step 9: Click on “Windows 10 (multi-edition ISO)” and then click “Confirm.”

Windows 10 (multi-edition ISO)

Step 10: Select your preferred language and click “Confirm.”

Step 11: Choose between 64-bit and 32-bit editions. If you’re unsure, check in Settings > System > About.

Step 1: Click the right edition to download. The 64-bit version is about 5.8 GB, and the 32-bit version is around 3.9 GB. The download might take some time. Remember, the links are valid for 24 hours. If they expire, just redo the steps to get new links.

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How To Download Windows 10 ISO Images Using Windows 10 Media Creation Tool

If you don’t need to change the user agent on your Windows device then don’t worry. You can use Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to download a Windows 10 ISO file and then use it to install the latest version of Windows 10 on your machine.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool from the Windows 10 download page.

Step 2: Open the tool.

Step 3: Click Accept.

Step 4: Select Create installation media and click the Next button to continue.

Step 5: Select language, architecture, and Windows edition based on your situation. Then, click Next.

Step 6: Select the ISO file and click Next.

Step 7: A window pops up, requiring you to select a path to save the Windows 10 ISO file. Just select one and click Save.

Step 8: This tool begins to download the Windows 10 ISO file. You need to wait until the whole process ends.

Download Windows 10 ISO All Editions (Third Party Source)

There is also a trusted source that you can use to download untouched, genuine, safe ISO image copies. You can visit Softlay a trusted Windows ISO download site can choose the relevant edition in 32-bit or 64-bit version.

Choose The Windows 10 Version:

VersionRelease Date & Build
Windows 10 22H2October 2022 Update ISO (version 22H2 build 19045)
Windows 10 21H2November 2021 Update ISO (version 21H2 build 19044)
Windows 10 21H1May 2021 Update ISO (version 21H1 build 19043)
Windows 10 20H2October 2020 Update ISO (version 20H2 build 19042)
Windows 10 20H1May 2020 Update ISO (version 2004 build 19041)
Windows 10 1909November 2019 Update ISO (version 19H2 build 18363)
Windows 10 1607Anniversary Update ISO (Redstone 1 build 14393)
Windows 10 1511November 2015 update ISO (Threshold 2 build 10586)
Windows 10 1057July 2015 First Release ISO (Threshold 1 build 10240)
Windows 10 All in OneWin10 AIO ISO (version1607) Home Pro x86/x64

How to Activate Windows 10 (Product Key)?

There are several ways to activate Windows 10. Here are the most common (but legal) methods used for Windows 10 activation.

  • Purchase Windows 10 ISO online from Microsoft
  • Buy a Windows 10 genuine DVD from Microsoft
  • Order a Windows 10 bootable USB flash (pen drive) from Microsoft
  • Purchase Windows 10 product keys (license keys) from Microsoft
  • Buy a Windows 10 laptop (a laptop with genuine Windows 10 pre-installed)

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