How To Fix Dwarf Fortress Keep Crashing Issue on PC

Solve game crashing issues.

Recently released for PC users Dwarf Fortress is again under the dark cloud as many players are complaining of crashing issues. According to users when they try to play Dwarf Fortress for 10 to 15 minutes the game crashes.

On the other hand, random crash issues while saving the game or generating a world are getting more serious. In most cases, the crashing issues while playing the game occur due to the system or drivers being outdated. The Antivirus software and insufficient system hardware are yet another cause that adds up to this problem.

So in this article, we have explained tips that if not able to fix the Dwarf Fortress crashing on PC will certainly lower the crashing issues.

How To Fix Dwarf Fortress Crashing on Windows PC

Below we have explained the simple tip that you should keep in mind whenever the crashing issues pop up on your PC.

  • Check if your system requirements are sufficient to run the game.
  • Restart your game or PC.
  • Make sure your Windows OS and system drivers are fully updated.
  • Turn off Antivirus software including Windows Defender.
  • Run your system in clean boot to determine which app or process is causing the crashing.
  • Download and install the recent version of DirectX on your Windows PC.
  • Verify the integrity of game files to see if the game is corrupted or not.
  • Disable fullscreen optimization.
  • Lower in-game graphics because your PC’s CPU and GPU might be under high pressure.
  • Remove and reinstall Dwarf Fortress on the PC
  • Don’t overclock your PC.

If the issues persist then wait for the developer to release the game patch.

Tip – Change Resolution

If Dwarf Fortress crashes when assigning a worker to a workstation, it may be because of higher resolution. Sometimes Out Of Bounds UI elements at higher resolutions when the scale interface is enabled cause severe crashing issues.

Try the following tweak:

  • From in-game settings go to the Video section.
  • Here Set Resolution to 1080p (1920×1080) instead of 1440p prior (2560×1440)
  • Set “Scale interface to fit grid height/width” to No.
  • Restart the game