Easy Achievements in Cookie Clicker to Unlock Easily

Unlock these achievements at the start of the game.

The incremental game Cookie Clicker was created by Julien Thiennot for DashNet. Baking as many cookies as you want is the game’s main goal. The most apparent way to make cookies in the game is to click the large cookie on the left side of the screen.

You may see numerous items from shops that you can purchase and that can help you create more cookies on the right side. Passively making purchases from the store aids with cookie baking. The CPS passively lets you check how many cookies are made per second (Cookies per second).

Easy Achievements in Cookie Clicker

This game has more than 500 achievements that must be unlocked, which might take a while. But the very few listings of achievements that are simple to access are shown here.

  1. Casual Baking- Simply bake 1 cookie while baking casually.
  2. Hardcore Baking- Baking 10 cookies for Hardcore Baking
  3. Clicktastic – 1000 clicks are required to make on the large cookie on the right side, of the game.
  4. Click – Have 1 Cursor that you may purchase from the store.
  5. Double Click – Access the right-side shop and purchase 1 additional cursor.
  6. Grandma’s Cookies – One grandmother from the store will bake one cookie per second for Grandma’s Cookies.
  7. Bought The Farm – Purchased a farm from the store, and it can produce 8 cookies each second.
  8. You Know the Drill – Get one mine from the shop.
  9. Golden Cookie- Select the extra cookie that could show up on the left.
  10. Tabloid Addiction – There will be news regarding the game in the upper middle section of the game. For the news to change, click on them. Unlocking this achievement requires 50 clicks on the news.
  11. Olden Days – Select the info menu at the top of the screen, then scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see a symbol resembling a golden egg. To earn this accomplishment, click on the golden icon.
  12. Making Some Dough – Complete the game by baking 1000 cookies.
  13. So Baked Right Now – Without quitting the game, bake one million cookies.
  14. Wake And Bake – Baking one cookie while still in the game.