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Enermax CPU Cooler ETS-T40 Fit White Cluster Air Cooler

Today we are going to review a good old-fashioned Enermax CPU cooler (air CPU cooler) that piqued our interest.

If you are planning to build a white themed PC then the Enermax CPU cooler is the best choice for you. While white hardware PC components are very hard to find these days as there’s seems to be a dearth of white CPU coolers out there. So we have found this amazing look CPU cooler in white color.

Now there’s certainly nothing wrong with the traditional bare aluminum heatsink with folks looking to tie in a strong white beam with their rigs might crave something with a little more Flair.

Enermax ETS-T40 Fit CPU cooler that gives you outstanding cooling performance

The Enermax ETS T40 fit white cluster edition is a holy grail of white coolers. It comes with dual white fans and an aluminum heatsink that’s been treated with thermal conductive white paint as to not impede any effective heat transfer.

As a part of the Enermax fit series, the CPU cooler boasts a 180-watt TDP, support for all of today’s relevant sockets, and a slim heatsink which guarantees 100% RAM clearance with both fans installed.

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If you’ve never tried to mount a CPU cooler only to realize that your RAM was blocking any chance of a proper installation it’s like barely making it to the bathroom and then realizing you’re out of toilet paper. The only difference with the CPU cooler is you can’t use your hands to fix the problem.

The Enermax CPU cooler with both CPU fans attached measures 95.8 mm wide, 126 mm long, and 161.7 mm tall. Enermax CPU cooler brings back their patented fin design to the fit series to increase air convection and airflow by poking little holes in the heatsink.

Running through the heatsink are four 6mm copper heat pipes which are also coated in the white thermal conductive compound while making direct contact with the CPU at the base plate. There are two 120mm twister bearing PWM fans and even their four-pin cables are bound nicely in a white sleeve.

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The Enermax CPU cooler fans also support 9 removable batwing blades for easy cleaning. A carved out frame that allegedly promotes additional airflow and a three-level speed adjustments switch on the back for peak speeds of 1500-1800 and 2200 rpm.

Running with the all-white theme the CPU cooler’s fans also supports bright white LEDs and a dedicated on/off switch, in case access lighting is where you draw the line when it comes to color coordinating.

Installing Enermax Air Cooler is Easy

Installing the Enermax ETS-T40 Fit White Cluster Air Cooler on socket LGA 2011-3 was so easy that you can give up on reading manual instructions.

First, unscrew the cooler so that it’s come out and put the CPU cooler over the base and screw those things. Its manual is not quite as thorough as it looks like but it’s safe to say that it’s the least painful installations we’ve done in a while.

Mounting the fans consists of screwing in the brackets applying the vibration pads and clipping them to the heatsink tossing in some extra vibration pads would have been nice. Since the one fan that comes pre-mounted with the brackets has the pads covering the screws which would need to be removed if you wish to change the orientation of the fan for optimal cable placement.

With the Enermax CPU cooler mounted snugly on our overclocked 5820k, we booted up Windows 10 and ransom load testing in Battlefield 5 at the fans 3 varying RPM speeds to see where we land on the acoustics and thermal scale. The results are very interesting:

At Idle/ 800 RPM

  • 33-34° C

Load/ 1500 RPM

  • 61° C at Single Core
  • 57° C Average CPU temperature

Load/ 2200 RPM

  • 59° C Single Core
  • 55° C Average temperature

As you can evidently hear the acoustic differences between idling 1500 and 2200 rpm is almost indistinguishable on our open-air testbed from 2 feet away. Meaning it’s wildly unlikely that you’ll be able to hear the fans ramping up and down inside of an enclosed chassis.

The 2200 rpm kept our CPU nice and cool under load at 55 degrees Celsius on average and oddly enough we saw slightly warmer CPU temps when running multiple tasks.

The Enermax CPU cooler also introduced significantly more fan noise to the system. It is far too loud for most users, so we would recommend staying away from the speed setting altogether.

Final Thoughts on Enermax Air Cooler

Overall this is a nice little air cooler that not only looks great for your next white build PC but performs well.

Things like high TDP Ram clearance and seamless installation are all welcome features and for about 45 bucks these new fit coolers from Enermax are an easy recommendation.