How To Fix Error “Composing Block Page” iPhone, iPad Using Safari

Disable the parent control feature on your daughter's phone.

Some internet users have reported on community forums that when they try to browse the internet and open a site they get the error message “composing block page”.

Even some parents complained through the Apple community that they were trying to log on to their child’s user account on iMac or iPad and they received a composing block page. This error pops up when users try to open any website using the Safari browser.

If the Mac is blocking websites and each time on iPhone, or iPad you load a web page just to see an error composing block page then don’t worry. Here we have explained the tested solutions to get rid of this error.

Why Does It Say Error Composing Block Page?

The composing block page error is related to the Safari web browser. This error may appear when you attempt to access particular websites or download a specific file from the internet.

System malfunction, a virus, or another kind of malware on your iPad, or Mac might be to blame for the issue. This error may also occur if you have set up parental controls and screen time on your child’s phone.

Your computer’s internet connection can also trigger issues that prevent you from correctly visiting certain websites.

How To Fix Error Composing Block Page on Safari?

To fix this Composing Block Page error, try these fixes one by one until you reach the effective one.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Checking your Internet connection speed is the first step you should take to resolve this Safari issue. Sometimes a slow Internet connection or an unstable Wi-Fi network prevent Safari from opening the website.

So check the network and the connection, you can also use a speed test. Open your Safari browser once more when you’re finished to check if the issue has been resolved.

2. Restart Your Device

If you haven’t already, restart your device. Most issues are resolved with only a restart because there might be some temporary bugs and glitches.

  • By holding down the power button, you may totally turn off your device.
  • Once you have turned off your device if it is connected with a power cord, remove the cable for at least one minute.
  • Reconnect the device’s power cable and turn it back on.

3. Clear the Cache

Clear the browser cache on your iPhone, iPad, or iOS devices regularly to speed up your browser, keep it running smoothly, and resolve several errors as well. By doing this, you will be able to clear the history of any website you have ever visited.

You should be aware,  that you could lose all of your online bookmarks and passwords.

On Mac:

  • Choose Preferences from the drop-down menu for Safari.
  • Select “Show Develop menu in the menu bar” by clicking the Advanced icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Click Empty Caches after choosing to Develop from the drop-down option.
  • Additionally, the keyboard combination Command + Option + E may be used to clear the cache in Safari.
    This shortcut automatically clears the Safari cache without you having to search for it.

On iPhone:

  • Open Settings and hit the “Safari” option.
  • Now, locate and tap on “Clear History and Data.” This will remove the website data.

4. Disable Parental Control

It’s possible that the problem has been linked to the Parental Control feature that you’ve enabled on your device. If your computer’s parental controls are turned off, you should be able to visit your Safari page without any issues because this function may be blocking specific terms or websites.

  • Go to the settings menu on your device and choose Safari to turn off the Parental Controls.
  • Choose the Parental Controls option next.
  • From there, you can set up different types of restrictions for your device.
  • You can select Allow all websites and then click on the button that says Always Allow. In this manner, you will have no trouble visiting any website you like.

5. Turn on Java Script

Your Composing Block Page error issue can also be resolved by turning on the Java script. So Turn on JavaScript if it’s not already on.

  • Go to Settings > Safari > Advanced.
  • Find the JavaScript feature.
  • Tap the button to turn on JavaScript.

6. Update the Safari App

Finally, try upgrading your device’s Safari app. You may check whether there is an update for your version of Safari on the App Store or download the most recent version of Safari for your device.

On Mac:

  • Go to the Apple menu > System Settings.
  • Click on Software Update.
  • If there are any updates, click Restart Now to install them.

On iPhone:

Go to Settings > General > Software Update. As Apple doesn’t publish separate updates for its built-in core apps and handles their update via iOS updates.

Hopefully, you will find this post helpful in fixing the “Composing Block Page” error.