Escape Simulator Wild West DLC: How to complete The Bank Walkthrough and find Tokens

Now you need to escape from the Bank. Get the letter pack from the bench and also the key from the bench drawer. Open the gate and take all the letters and stacks. You need to open the green locker the code for the locker is 1514. Read the letter and get the state steal.

Open the Lockers:

Now you need to open locker 202 the code is 1876. Get the magnifier and the letter. Open the locker 301 and the code is 1210. Get the federal Seal. Now open the 401 locker the code is 1856. Get the key from the locker. Open the second door. Get the bank seal from the shelf and place the magnifier in the machine. Remove the pin from the magnet and gather the pin.

You need to open the table lock by getting the code. You can get the code by using the stamp on the blank paper on the table. Get the both dollar bills. Now you need to open the cupboard lock. Enter the code (4712) to open the lock. Get the paper wire and the dollar bill. Use the dollar bill on the magnifier. Place the dollar bill to get the code which will be written on the dollar bill. Go and use the telegraph and dial the code B27 to get the telegraph message. You can seed the dialing process from the chart on the wall.

How to open the small Safe:

You need to place the magnet to open the safe. Get the magnet and first place it on the right upper corner then the left bottom corner and then place the magnet in the middle near the circle to open the safe. Get the Crowbar from the safe.

How to get the Scale Spring:

Now you need to open locker 404 for that you need to use the code on the different lockers. Locker 403 code 0, Locker 303 code 0, and locker 203 code 0. This will open locker 404 to get the spring.

How to get the Dynamite:

Use the spring inside the weightier and measure the weight of the letter stacks by putting them on the weightier. This will reveal the code of the locker within the weightier. Use the code (3216) to open the door. Get the suspicious crate and use the crowbar to open the Crate and get the Dynamite. Now plant the Dynamite in the big safe and use the lighter to ignite the Dynamite. The Dynamite will explode and make the escape path for you.

How to find The Tokens:

1st from the bench drawer.

2nd from the horse painting.

3rd from the pumpkin pie.

4th from locker 103 but first you need to enter the code 1 on locker 101, 2 on locker 102, 3 on locker 103, and 4 on locker 104.

5th from the big safe wall.

6th from the telegraph.

7th from the green box.

8th from the fan.

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