Escape Simulator Wild West DLC – How to complete The Saloon Walkthrough and find Tokens

You need to solve the puzzle in the saloon. There are a lot of puzzles that you need to solve. Each puzzle has a hint that you will find in the book, paper, or some kind of item.

Get the coins from the spin machine. Get the sprocket from the bowl under the table. Now you need to open the locker in the drawer. Use this code (356) to unlock the locker. Open the drawer and get the book.

This book has hints to solve the puzzles. Got to the piano and open the Metronome. Set the meter to 80 and move the meter by clicking and get the key. Use the key to open the piano lock. Now get the paper from the mirror and get the hint to set the time. Set the time to 2 pm and then 2:30 pm and at last set the time 4.30 pm. This will reveal the sprocket.

Now go to the cash register to 973 and get the silver horseshoe and the service key. No get the book from the cabin. This will give you a hint about the spinning machine. Put the coin in black and spin. Then put the coin in yellow and spin it. Then put the coin in black and green and spin it. This will make the jackpot and get the coins.

Now go to the bar and use the handle to change the poster. Then use the key to open the game machine and set the sprockets inside. You will see this small machine on the right side of the bar. Set the pattern to U and use the handle to hit the jackpot. This will give the Horseshoe.

How to solve the Piano Puzzle:

Now open the book and play the melody on the piano. Play AB Right (E), Left (E), Right (E). This will open the left box. Get the Faro Table key from the box. Open the Faro Table drawer and break the bottle to get the paper. This will reveal the next melody. Play the middle black button many times which will open the next piano drawer and get the revolver.  

Card Counter:

In the Faro Table Drawer, you will get the paper in which you will see the Card Counter. On number five move all. Number eight and four move one. On J move two. And at last on Q and K move one. Now go to the bar and open the small door by unlocking the lock. The Code is 652.

How to solve the Liquor Puzzle:

Now see the pipes of different drinks. And pour the drinks in the pattern written on the paper to reveal the vine bottles. Now use the shaving cream with the brush on the pictures to reveal the code pattern. One picture will reveal the Race pattern and one will piano melody. Now you need to place the bottles in a pattern that will be written on the paper. You will find this paper on the counter.

Place the Horseshoe:

After placing the bottle play the last melody in this pattern. GDBEGDBE to open the last drawer on the piano and get the horseshoe. Now you need to place the horseshoe on the board. This will reveal the Cylinder. Shoot the revolver on the mark to get out of the saloon.

All Tokens Location:

1st with the brush.

2nd under the shoe.

3rd with the red circle.

4th the cash register.

5th with yacht painting.

6th from the card counter.

7th from the Metronome.

8th from the liquor machine.