Escape Simulator Wild West DLC: How to complete The Train Walkthrough and find Tokens

You need to escape from the train. Get the book from the right side. Then get the key from the plant and open the red bag with the key. Open the briefcase and get all the items from the drawers of the briefcase. Gather the three small wooden shaped statues. All the items that you can see inside the train cabin. You will also get a book from the red briefcase.

How to open The Chief Briefcase:

Now you need to open the chief briefcase. Use this pattern to open the briefcase. 1st grass icon then the mountain icon, then the road icon, then the tree icon, and at last the home icon. This will open the briefcase. Gather all the items from inside the briefcase.

chief briefcase

How to make the Super Disolver:

Now use the poster pin on the plus sign on the train poster. Now see the picture and solve the Totem Segment and get the gold nugget. Now you need to make the super disolver recipe. You can make the recipe by seeing the recipe from the book. Mix the item to make the Gold Emulsifier and Solvent. Mix both solutions to make the Super Disolver. Use the Super dissolver to unlock the door.

super disolver

Open the next room and gather the items like a book, a poster, and a Toymaker’s briefcase. You need to open the Toymaker’s briefcase. The pattern will be written on the small poster. Open the briefcase and get the toys. Then you need to open the Inventors briefcase. Open the briefcase by this pattern A down, C up, D right and then C right. After opening the briefcase gather the items.

briefcase pattern

Picture Solution for the Billiard:

Now you need to open the book and adjust the heights of the lamps. This will reveal a projector. Get the projector card and use the small wheel on the picture and adjust the I II III circles on the picture.

billiard solution

How to get the Code by the Rail Track:

Now use the billiard ball on the table by following the picture and changing the projector card. This will change the table and bring the small map structure. Get the paper form there. Get the train toy and place the small wood and burn it with the lighter. You can get the lighter from the drawer.  Get the poster pin from the map and place it on the train poster. Run the train on the small map track. You need to run the toy train o the track as the real one.

rail track code

 After running the train on the track for several minutes it will reveal the code. Use that code to train the poster locker. The code is 1358. Use this code to reveal the key. Use hat key to open the door and escape.

All Token Locations:

1st from the left side window of the train poster.

2nd from the plant.

3rd from the drawer of the Snakeoil Briefcase.

4th from the biscuit plate.

5th from the right side of the blue curtain.

6th from the inventor briefcase.

7th from the number 3 house on the rail track map.

8th from the snooker table by putting all the snooker balls in the left pocket.

token locations

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