Escape Simulator Wild West DLC: Jail Walkthrough – How to find All Tokens

So you need to escape from the cell first. You need to unlock the Padlock and the use lock-pick to escape from the cell. The Code for the Padlock is 127. Use this code to unlock the Padlock. Now you need to find the tool for lock-pick. You can look and explore around the cell to get the tool. Remove the cap and get the Shiv from the Hanger and the Bobby Pin from the Bear bottle. Unlock the door and get out.

How to open The Drawer and get the Sheriff Badge:

Get the Map Pin from the map to the left side. Now you need to open the Big Drawer. This drawer is locked by the pattern and you need to set the combination and the drawer will open. First, open the Scorpion Drawer and then three left-side drawers to remove the left lock. Now First open the Beer Drawer then Open the 2000 Drawer and then the 500 Drawer to remove the right locker. At last Crocodile Drawer and then the 500 drawer to open Harold’s Hidden Holding Drawer.  

Harold’s Hidden Holding Drawer

Now get the key from the table and open the second cell. Get the LockBox from under the table. Take the soap and get the Map Pin inside the Soap. The Box can open by the pattern. Push the first button from the right side of the bird. On Snake, image Push the third button from the left side. On the Wolf Image push the seventh button from the right side. This will open the box. Get the wooden box from inside the lockbox.

How to Solve the Map Puzzle:

First, you need to find the Map Pins which you will find by searching the items around the area. After finding them you need to place them on the map in a pattern that will unlock the Badge. Place the first pin in Otoxoco on the left side you will see a single house mark. The second Pin in Laurilee on the multiple-house mark to the northwest. The third Pin in the Frorado on the train mark to the northeast. This will reveal the Deputy Badge.

map puzzle

How to open the Chest:

Before solving the puzzle you will get the hint from the letters and pictures. Now place the mark on 7 first then 11 then 2 and at last 5. This will unlock the chest. Get the star deputy badge.

opening chest

How to Solve the Gun Puzzle:

Now you need to solve the rifle puzzle to open the Cupboard door. Use the trigger of the bottom rifle (Small Bullet Mark) twice then use the trigger twice on the upper gun and at last use the trigger thrice on the bottom rifle to open the cupboard door. Now solve the revolver puzzle to get the badge. Pull all the triggers upward. Pull the middle trigger down and use the badge to move the left revolver barrel to the northwest. Now pull the left handle and fourth handle down which will activate the right Revolver. Use the badge button to move the right revolver and place the barrel to the west. Now pull the last handle down and move the revolver barrel to the south. Get the sheriff’s badge.

gun puzzle

How to solve the Badge Puzzle:

Now you need to solve the badge puzzle. Place the Badges by looking at the World News Herald. After placing the Sherif Badges on the upper row and Deputy badges on to lower to get the golden box.

Now open the fireplace by opening the lock. Enter the Code (2638) to open. Place the wooden box inside the fireplace to get the key and escape. 

Tokens Location:

First from the Cell windows. Second from the handcuff. Third from the second cell locker. Forth from the Second cell bed. Fifth from the chest last drawer. Sixth from the guns shelf. Seventh from inside the kettle which you will find from the fireplace.


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