Evil West: Bats in the Belfry

After taking the documents you head back to Calico Town and Confront the Secretary. That he needs these documents for his own needs. Then Jesse goes to his father and talks to him. You told him about Harrow. Then Jesse’s father told you about what he saw in his mind when she took control of his mind. He also told you about the train full of blood.

Train Station:

Now you need to find the train station because she is transferring the leaches by using the train. When you reach the place you won’t find any enemies for a little while. After some time you will reach the circular fireplace. There you will face the large masked enemy and zombie cowboy. The zombie cowboy is easy to defeat but the large enemy uses the crowbar and changes attack (Smash and Swing attack). Which will take some time to defeat. A Dracula will also appear after some time. After defeating the enemies move forward. During the way get the money chest by destroying the barricades.

After some distance, you will see more enemies. Defeat them and move forward. You will also hear Felicity’s voice on your way. You have to defeat the enemies multiple times on your way. You will receive the perks during the fights which will include Vital SuperPowers, Cannon Ball Explosion, and Touchdown.


You just need to follow the church bell until you reach the church. Where you will talk to her and ask her to leave the people that she traps. It’s a matter between him and her. Then she talks about her kind and burns the people in the church. There you will face multiple enemies. Defeat the Enemies.


Get to the Train Station:

Now you need to get to the train station. Fight the enemies and get the (Fourth Felicity’s Diary) from the drum inside the warehouse. Get out and defeat the enemy. Now you need to shoot the three Axles to open the Workshop which you can do by climbing through the chain. Shoot three of the Axles from different positions. After upgrading the weapons move forward. Along the way, you need to defeat more enemies and get the (Fifth Felicity’s Diary) from the left of the path. You will reach the room crossing the room leads you to the next path you will also have to defeat enemies there. You will also receive the last (Felicity’s Diary). Go to the next location by unlocking the door. Where you will meet Felicity petting a worm.

Train station

Bruch Boss:

After the scene, you will have to defeat the Bruch. This is a snake wormy boss which will use different attacks. Like, spawn his duplicates which she will use to fight you. Then swing her tail around. Changes her position quickly and uses her head to attack you. She will also shoot a laser bomb. During the fight, these are the attacks she will use. You can dodge them easily and also use your rifle for long range and shotgun for short range. Also, use your rage art to defeat her which will give her a lot of damage. She has a huge health bar which will take some time to defeat her.

Bruch Boss

After Defeating the Bruch you will be attacked by Felicity and knocked you. She told you to adapt or die.

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