How To Fix Evil West Crashing Or Not Loading on PS4 & PS5

Evil West is all about action killing vampires and bosses but just like any other game users are also complaining about crashing issues on PS4 and PS5.

Almost every new game shows common issues like crashing, black screen, lags, and FPS drops. Most of them are solved when the developers release the game patch.

In case you are stuck in Evil West crashing or not loading issues on PS4/PS5 then here we have for you troubleshooting tips.

Here’s How To Fix Evil West Crashing on PS4/ PS5

The solution to fix the Evil West crashing issue varies for disk and digital games.

Fix crashing if you own a digital game

Apply the below-mentioned fixes to solve the problem.

  1. Check the game’s download status (is it fully installed)
  2. Check if the game is updated to the latest version
  3. Update PS4/PS5 system software
  4. Delete the saves game or play the game level from the beginning.
  5. Reset PS4/PS5 but first, create a backup
  6. If the issue is widespread and affects almost every game then contact the support center.

Fix crashing if you own a disk game

Try the following tips if you are experiencing crashing or not loading on a disk game.

  1. Clean the disk with a soft towel or tissue (There might be dust or scratches)
  2. Update the game
  3. Update system software
  4. Play the game from the beginning to check if the saved game file is corrupted.
  5. Delete and then reinstall the game from the disk
  6. Try using another game disk if that works then contact the retailer to replace the disk.
  7. In case the multiple game disks are not working then there’s a fault in the console, contact the support center.

In my case wherever I deal with crashing issues on PS5 the first thing that I do is look for the game patch (if available). Secondly, check I’m my console is fully updated by going into Settings > System Software Update.

The third thing is to wipe out the cache you can simply reboot the console to clear the cache. Then look for the game’s saved file if it’s corrupted by playing the same level from the beginning.

Lastly reinstalling the game is the last step that I perform to fix the game crashing on PS5.

Rebuild the database and resetting the console are two other fixes that even Sony support recommends. Well, you can also apply them.

  1. To Rebuild Database: Press and hold the Power button on the PS4/PS5 until you hear 2 beeps > Safe Mode > Connect the controller to the USB > Press PS Button > Rebuild Database > Rebuild Database > Confirm.
  2. To Reset Console: Go to the Settings > Initialization > Initialize PS4 or Initialize PS5 > Full