Evil West: How to find Chester -Old Friends Part 2

After getting the Weapon you have to get the Second piece of (Chester Morgan’s Letter). Move forward by going down. Defeat the enemies and get out of the cave and follow the path within the river to the left side. A little far within the tree you will face some enemies. After defeating them move forward. A little far you will see Edgar.

Meeting Edgar

After that Jesse uses the zapper which will show him the blocked wall and source (Glamour Seals) to destroy. The red line shows you the Glamour which is inside the blocked cave. You need to open the gate of that cave so you can reach the glamour. Go to the left side climb up and shoot the target to open the first gate. Now go to the left side of the cave. Use the chain to climb up and destroy the first glamour seal. Then go to the high point in front of the cave and shoot to destroy the second glamour.

Glamour Seal

Where To Find Chester

Use the zapper in front of the blocked path to destroy it completely. Move forward through the field and defeat the enemies. You will face multiple big enemies which will take time to defeat them.

Visit the Safe House

After Defeating the enemies enter the safe house. Where Chester is standing while holding the wine. Edgar instantly hit Chester’s hand with the knife. Pass the knife through his hand. Where Chester told Jesse and Edgar about plans of Felicity. That she is transferring the blood all over the country through the trains. All the money came out of the bank which is her headquarters. She is also transferring the blood through the train.


Now she is heading toward the capital of the country (D.C). To prepare for his end game which is Destabilization (Chaos). Then Chester talks about Jesse’s Father. Edgar also told that they use the cure (La Orchid de la Vida). Chester told them it won’t cure him the condition will get worsen again and this time comes with vengeance. All that needs a drop of Blood.