Evil West: How to find Edgar -Old Friends Part 1

After charging up the Gauntlet. Jesse and Vergil went back to Calico Town where James Harrow do some trash talk. Emilia ask him to get out of town and never came back. After that, you went to see your father. Emilia told Jesse that his father’s condition is good. Then you ask about Edgar.

Edgar went on a mission of vengeance because he thought Jesse is dead. Edgar went off to track down Chester because he has the information about Felicity.

Treacherous Mountain:

It’s a studious foggy place with large structure trees. You need to get Chester Morgan’s Carnage. When you reach the place you will find a letter (A Fragment of a Letter from Chester Morgan) near the ladder to the ride side.

Chester morgan letter

Climb up the ladder you will face multiple enemies. It will take some time because they are in numbers. After defeating the enemies move forward.

Find a way to Gorge:

Cross the path within the cliffs and move forward. Go down by moving to the left side and burn the bushes by using the flame thrower. Move forward within the mountains until you reach the place where you will face some enemies. After defeating the enemies move forward.

Cross the River:

You need to cross the river because the bridge is broken. Go to the right side by going down and move forward until you reach the short path which is to the right side of the mountain. Enter inside and move to the left side using an explosive to break the wall. Enter inside the mines.

Mines are full of poisoned water so you need to make the way by shooting the wood structure. To the left corner, you need to open the chest to get the Life Support Perk and money. Don’t stay on the wooden structure because it will drown. Move forward and go to the left side by climbing up.

Cross broken bridge

There you will see the workshop. Upgrade the perks and weapons if you want. Move forward by crawling under the gate. Go to the left side and get the rope and money. Then go to the right side after getting the rope through the waterfall. Use the rope to make the zip line and cross the river.

Investigate the Cave:

Break the wooden structure by shooting the TNT and move inside the cave. There you will have to fight with enemies. After defeating move to the left side by using the chain and cross the path using the zip line. A man will shoot you with the machine gun. Jesse will kick him and take that weapon (Rentier Gatling).

Rentier Gatling

Now you need to find Chester.