Evil West: How to get to Pharmakon Walkthrough

After killing the monster you come back to Calico Town and talk to Emilia and Bloom about the monster and give them the blood sample. Suddenly you hear about the condition of your father. Due to the vampire bite Jesse’s father is converting to a vampire and attacks Vergil. Jesse instantly runs towards him and gives him an injection which will calm him.


A place in Maurepas Swamps where you are looking for the materials that you need. 

Find Edgar Gravenor:

You need to find Edgar. Interacts with the Edgar footsteps of Edgar which will show some foot marks on the ground and follow the footsteps. Follow and reach the circular area where you have to defeat the enemies. After defeating the enemies move forward by climbing the wall.  A little far you will find a crossbow within the drum. Move forward by using the grappler to reach the circular area and kill some enemies with the crossbow.

rentier x-bow

Move forward you will face more enemies and defeat them. Along the way, you will see shining structures, you have break them to get the money. Now you have to clear the distance for some time until you reach the grapple point. Use the grapple to enter the enemy area and defeat them. After that reach the bloody area where you have to interact with Edgar’s footsteps again. Clear the path by burning the spider web.

orchid da la vida

Move forward and to the right side, you will find an (Orchid De La Vida).

Kill the stalker:

After some distance, you will see some Edgar footsteps while investigating you will an enemy appear. You have to defeat him. He has long hands which he uses to smash and also a claw attack. But these attacks are very quick you just need to dodge those attacks on time. You will receive a Perk Point, Flame Jett, XXL-Bow, and Say Cheese as a reward after defeating him.

Stalker boss

Move forward by climbing up and following the Edgar’s footsteps. After a scene will appear in which you use the boat to reach the next location.

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