Evil West: How to Save Jesse’s Father – The Calico Town Walkthrough

You have to get through that place and save your father from the enemies. After killing some enemies you will attack the bigger enemy which has the shield in his hand. He is not the boss enemy but he will do multiple attacks. Like a shield mash attack in which he will smash the shield on the ground.

Higher place:

Now you need to take your father to a higher place. You will attack by some enemies. Kill those enemies. When you go to the upper room you need to open the chest to the right to get the money.

Survive till Dawn:

You will be attacked by different enemies after getting the money. You need to survive for 1.35 minutes. Multiple enemies will appear until the timer finish. After that, you will have to defeat some more damage. Then you will see your father’s condition gets Worsen. You so you need to take him to a nearby place.

survive for 1.35 minutes

Calico Town:

Jesse’s Father can’t breathe so you decided to take your father to the nearby town. Edgar asks you to take him there because there is a doctor who can look at him. There you will see a flashback of what Felicity did to you. There you got disturbed by the Engineer who is impressed by your gauntlet.


Vergil’s Workshop:

You need to go to the Vergil Workshop. But first, get the picture of Emilia and Vergil from the table.

Emilia and Vergil photo

Explore around and use the new Vergil device through which you can upgrade the perks and Weapons. You can reset the perks and change your abilities. Then get a picture of Vergil’s Curriculum from the table.

Briefing Room:

Then go to the briefing room. In the scene, James Harrow confronts them all and talks about the place is not safe to keep the director here. Emilia told him that this is the best option we have because you have an engineer and a doctor.  Then James asks Emilia got the report instantly about the incident. Then Jesse asks Vergil if he can fix the gauntlet. He can but it will take some time.

Briefing room

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