Evil West: Investigate the Maurepas Swamps Walkthrough

In the scene, you will see Emilia and Vergil talking about the facts of vampire blood. After reaching the next location you need to investigate the Swamps.

Get to the place take the money from the drum and move forward to the left by using the grappler. You will reach the circular to face multiple enemies small and large both. It will take some time to defeat them. When you see them changing their colors interrupt them by using the foot. At the same place, you will find a knife on the left side. Take the knife and move forward. Cross the bridge and reach the wooden structure on the right side. You will see a stone path (Floating Planks) will appear from the ground. But don’t do the mistake the walk for a long time from that place. Because it can poison you.

Find a Path to Ruin

Now you need to find a safe path to the Ruins. Move forward and interact with the footsteps. You will see a broken bridge. Use the Grappler to cross the path. Break the wooden structure to get the money. Move forward and cross the path within the wall.

Find a Path to Ruin in evil West

Break the barricade and move forward by using the grappler. Shoot the wooden structure hanging in the air to make the path clear for you. Shoot the first chain and climb up there you will see the second chain shoot the chain and go down. Use the chain to open the chest and get the money. Go back to the first chain now you need to make a path. For that, you need to get the rope. You can find it by going down and moving to the right to get the rope. We will use the rope to make the zip line and use the zip line to cross and follow the path.

Reach the Church:

After clearing some paths you will reach the open area where you have to defeat the enemies. Enemies will be small and large both of which will take some time to defeat them. After defeating them move forward and cross the path by jumping.

Reach the Church

Following the footsteps and you will reach the church. Enter the church and go down and follow the cave path and clear the path burning the spider webs. Get outside you will reach the ancient gate place.

Reach the Gate:

Follow the path and use the axle to lower the poison water. Use both axles to lower the level. You will hear Edgar’s voice and he will ask you to open the gate because he is stuck. Go down towards the right side and move the stone structure. You have to align the structure to make the bridge path to the entrance.

open the gate

Open the gate and you will see Edgar trapped within the tree. He will instantly warn you about the enemy.

Defeat the Hive Cone:

He will wield three eggs which he will use to throw as a bomb. He will also shoot four fly bombs which will chase you very quickly. He will also use small enemies. You also have to fight them alongside the Hive Cone.

Defeat the Hive Cone in Evil West

Destroy the eggs and save yourself from the fly attack by dodging them. He will also stay on the ground after you dodge his fly attack. You can take advantage and give him a lot of damage. You will be able to defeat him in time. After that, you lend a hand to Edgar. Edgar will give a plant to Jesse.

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