Evil West: Lightning in a Bottle

After Destroying the Enemy Nests Jesse walks back to Church and talks to the pop. Jesse asks for the telegram report. This confirms the location of the upgrades for his Gauntlet which is situated in the mysterious cell in mountain might. Pop gives a horse to Jesse as thanks and which him good luck for this journey.

After reaching the location you met Vergil there and talk about the Gauntlet upgrade. Vergil’s told you to activate the current through the reservoir to make enough voltage for the gauntlet.

Reach the Reservoir:

Ride the train cart and destroy the obstacles coming your way by using the rifle. This path all through the cave tunnel. Jump out of the cart at the end of the track to get out. Reach the ground and defeat some enemies. After defeating the enemies reach inside the room which is blocked in the same area. Break the door and get the (Agent’s Letter to the R1 Crew).

Agent's Letter

Power up The Tower:

Cross the track get the money from the drum and talk to Vergil near the house. There you talk about powering up the tower. For that, you need to power up the generator. Go inside the same room where you get the letter and power up the generator. The generator has a timer before the limit ends you need to turn on the switch. Turn on the switch by crossing the track which will power up the tower.

power up tower

Now you need to power up the remaining two towers. Move forward and use the bomb on the rocks to make the path for you. Move forward within the rocks and jump across the wall to reach the tunnel. There you see Vergil calling you but instantly rock falls and blocks the path. He tells Jesse about the tunnel that leads to the mines. But it’s blocked by the rocks. You need to find another way to reach there.

Second Tower:

To the right side of the tunnel, you will see a short path. Use that path to move forward. Cross the wall by using the ladder and defeat some enemies. To the right side, you will see another short path. Activate the generator in the front house. But before that, you need to gather some collectibles. Use the train block to make the path. Climb up and get (President Chester Arthur’s Letter) and some money within the boxes. After that turn on both switches. The first one is near the first generator on the right side. The second one is by climbing the rail block. Turn on both switches before the generator timer runs out.

second tower

Third Tower:

Β In the same area, you will see a chain shoot the chain to free up. Use the chain to climb up and get the Ghost Gauntlet (New Skin) and money from the chest. Now you need a rope which is near the blocked tunnel in that area. Push the train block to take it to the end of the tunnel. Climb up the block and get the rope. Now move forward near the corner of the cliff. Use the crossbow to shoot the rope which will make the zip line. Use the zip line to cross the path.

William Rentier's Letter

Walk within the cliff and move forward. Shoot the hanging small bridge and cross the path by using a grapple and then climb up. This path is full of obstacles. Move forward until you reach the open area where you have to defeat some enemies. After Defeating the enemies move forward by using the track which is in between the two cliffs and reach the cave and get the (William Rentier’s letter) within the workshop.

Get out of the workshop by climbing the stairs. A little far you will see a short path to the left side which will take you to the generator. Power up the generator and turn on the first switch to the left side and then the second one by crossing through the zip line near the first switch.

Reach the Reservoir:

After powering up move forward by using the zip line. The whole path is within the cliff. Move within the cliff until you reach the open ground. Where Vergil will tell you that the lift activator is frozen. There you were attacked by the enemies. You ask him to do his work and Jesse will defeat the enemies. After defeating the enemies use the lift and move forward. When you reach the reservoir you were attacked by the enemies. Defeat the enemies. After defeating the enemies you will receive the Death Defend, Final Touch, and Punch the Bunch Perk.

power up generator

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