Evil West: Remote R1 Outpost Walkthrough

After finding Agent Bloom you will go back to Calico Town where you talk about the condition of your father with Edgar that who is attacked by poison. Then go inside the workshop to talk to Agent Bloom and Emilia. Then you talk to Vergil about how he can repair the gauntlet. He will ask you to find the spare coils from the original disruptor.

In this guide, we will talk about the Remote R1 Outpost.

Remote Outpost:

You will travel to the outpost which is situated in Baxter with the Vergil in search of coils.

Abandoned R1 Cell:

Now you need to locate the abandoned R1 cell. Go to the left side to collect the money and then from the right side collect the Baxter’s Miner Letter.

Baxter's miner letter

Move forward and activate the lift by interacting with the switchboard. After activating the lift you will see some enemies defeat them. Enter inside the room and open the chest to the left side where you kill the enemies. Move forward by going down and talking to Vergil he will give you a weapon (Crippling Rod).

Follow the Rail:

After getting the Rod follow the rail path and defeat the enemies by using the Crippling Rod attack which will stun the enemy in that area. After defeating the enemy go to the left side room and get the Picture of William and Baxter Crew.

william and baxter crew photo

Follow the path and under the switchboard get the medallion from the left side. Climb up by using the train and get the second Baxter’s Miner Letter from the boxes near the bridge. Now the bridge is closed you need to open it by using the switchboard. Only one board opens one side now you need to open the other side. Go down and use the train block to make the path. Climb up and use the switch to open the other side. Then use the bridge and talk to Vergil on the right side.

Follow the Rail Down:

Vergil will use the lift and you will go down. Face some enemies and defeat them and follow the Rail track. Use the power switch to turn on one light which will indicate the power source. Now you need to restore the power source. Go up by using the chain and the use the grappler to reach the second switch. Go to the lift and shoot the activator on the other side to use the lift. Activate the third switch.

Restore power

Which activates the train cart. Go down by using the zip line and ride the cart. During the way shoot the TNTs to clear your path. At the end of the track, you will use the grapple to get out of the rail. Go and talk to Vergil and he shows you the workstation where you can upgrade your weapons all by yourself.

Underground Path:

After upgrading you have to defeat the big shield enemy and small enemies. After defeating the enemies follow the rail track underground. Move forward and open the chest behind the TNT drums. You will receive money and a Ghost Suit. Then get the torn paper from the drum. Now you need to open another important chest and get the Lethal Heights which is under the structure to defeat the enemies. Move forward and push the rail to clear the war. Climb up and use the grapple to cross the broken path. Next Vergil will push the Crain button and make the path for you. Cross by using the Grapple and defeat Dracula.


Enter the Cell:

When you enter the cell you will see a big skeleton of a creature called (Piasa). Which is a Dino type of Animal. Agent Bloom knows the information about these creatures. You pick up the coil and move back to Calico Town.


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