Evil West: Smoke and Mirrorโ€™s Walkthrough

After taking the coils you go back to Calico Town. Where Agent Bloom told you that he brought the monster for an Experiment and the situation got out of hand. Go and kill the monsters and talk to Emilia after some argument go talk to Emilia again in her lab where she told you about the creature from the devil pass is a leach and blood is very old. Then you have to go to McCallumโ€™s Sawmill.

McCallumโ€™s Sawmill:

McCallumโ€™s Sawmill was founded in 1845 by Elijah McCallum. A small town family operation. Which was then sold to an investor Andalusia Services Group.

Investigate McCallumโ€™s Sawmill:

Now you have to go there and figure out the place by yourself. When you get inside near the gate you will see the zapper is activating which will reveal the secret wall. You need to find the glamour to open the secret wall. You will use the zapper and it will reveal the resource. Go and interact with the resource to destroy it. Then you need to find the other glamour and destroy them. You can find them by following the red wires.

McCallum's Sawmill

Go to the right side by following the red line and you will face the new enemies (Infected Waster). Move forward and take Felicityโ€™s Diary by crawling under the wood.

Felicity's Diary

Move forward climb up and destroy the second source. Move on to the next one by walking on the wood block between the cliffs. You have to defeat some enemies there. After defeating them move forward and find the next Felicityโ€™s Letter from the room to the right side. After receiving the letter move on you will find the flame thrower. Use the flame thrower to kill the enemies. After killing climb up and you will see the next source from the above shoot the source.  

Sawmillโ€™s illusion:

Use the zip line and go to the illusion. Interact to destroy the illusion with the zapper. Then investigate the pit and defeat the enemies. Now you need to find how the leeches are fed. Moving forward you will see a broken room where you need to open the chest. Go from behind the room and open the chest to get the money and a Ghost Hat. Move forward and clear your path by using the Flame Thrower to destroy the bushes.

Parasiter Skull

After you will face some enemies defeat the enemies and climb up the wall. Get the Next Felicityโ€™s Dairy. Move forward and defeat some enemies. After defeating, you will receive two perks (AFTERSHOCK) and (BAIT & SWITCH). A little behind the bush you need to open the chest and get the new perk (Boom Balls). After some distance, you will face more enemies they will attack you from above. Defeat them and get the next Felicityโ€™s Diary. A little far you will see another dead ancient beast.

Move forward from his mouth and under his skeleton you have to defeat some enemies. After that, you will face the Boss enemy The Parasiter.

How to Defeat Parasiter:

This boss has three mouths. One big and two small. At first, he will use the two small ones which will instantly attack you by smashing the head toward you and throwing poison at you. When he smashes his head he will stuck in the mud for a little time. You need to give him the damage during this time.

Parasiter Boss

Also, target the yellow circle to give them the damage. After killing the first two he will throw a poison laser at you and then throw multiple rocks at you which will give you a lot of damage. To save yourself you need to stay out of the red circles.

red circle heavy attack

Do the same for the next one and defeat them. After this, his main head emerges in two yellow circles. Shoot them instantly and give him the damage. After that, he will emerge two more heads and uses his tongue to attack you and also throw the poison. You need to be very careful because he is in his end stages. Just target the small heads when they are stuck in the mud. After Defeating Jesse will take the blood and head back to calico Town.


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