Evil West: Starter Guide – Everything You Need to Know Early On

Evil West is 3rd Person Shooting game. Which is situated in a unique Western World. The world is corrupted by supernatural forces. Where you have to hunt prey in different abandoned towns.

In this guide, we will discuss things that you need to know about the games early on.

Evil West has a very unique combat system. Which includes short and long-range combat systems.


First of all, let’s talk about ranged combat whenever you see the glowing yellow circle on the enemy’s body. You need to instantly attack the yellow that will interrupt them from doing the attack and also do a critical hit. If you dint shoot them they will give you more damage than usual. You also have a revolver which has an electricity modifier which you will get later. You will also have a long ranged rifle which you can use for long-range targets and do precise hits. You also have a double-barrel shotgun which you can use for short-range. And also a flame thrower.

rifle weapon

Gauntlet Attacks:

To the right side, you have your gauntlet attacks basically these are the abilities that you can use during combat. If you see the enemy flashing orange you can right-stick in and interrupt their attack. Which is pretty important during the combat later on in the game. You can use your ability to give the damage by throwing them on TNT. If you hold on to the right bumper and hold on while pressing forward.

Gauntlet weapon

You can launch the enemy in the air and use your hand combat to give damage. Also, you can toss them in the air and shoot them with your revolver. And then another you can toss them in the air shoot them and then slam them on the ground. If you’re within kind of medium range of an enemy dodge forward and press melee you do the distance-closing leap attack.

Weapon and ability Cool-Down:

Now you do have unlimited ammo in the game but some do function on a light cool down. Like the shogun which will go to the bottom left to cool down after shooting once. The same goes for the electric shock ability which you will get a little bit later.

cooldown and abilites


Let’s talk about the zapper. This is one of the most important tools you have in the entire game. It’s a multi-use it can either block or set people up for a stunning finish. You can also use it to pull the enemies and stun them. You can also upgrade to pull multiple enemies and also fast forward to shock the enemies.


You can also use a battery that will smash on the ground and stun the enemies. You can also use the special ability when the bar is full. But make sure to use the rage art when multiple enemies are around you.

ground slam

Side items and Health restoration:

You can use the environmental trap like TNT and other objects. You can also use your health ability to regain your health. You can also gain health from the enemy when you see the enemy goes stunned you can smash him onto the ground by using a finisher.

stunned enemies

Other features:

Evil West also has some light puzzles and some side nuggets. You will also have character and weapon skin that you can upgrade. The game also has a skill tree that can also be reset.

skill tree

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