Evil West: The Devil Pass Walkthrough

Jesse talks about finding felicity. So Emilia told you to find Agent Bloom in The Devil Pass. Because he has the information.

In this guide, we will discuss the walkthrough of the Devil Pass.

Agent scot bloom:

You talk about the field agent which has the information about that place. Move straight forward and go to the left side of the big cave. You will face some enemies there defeat them and move on to the right side you will find the first Agent Bloom’s Bestiary.

Agent bloom's Bestiary

Move forward until you reach the TNT. Destroy to get the money from the place of the waterfall. Then move left and use the chain to climb up. You have to defeat some enemies who will convert themselves into monsters (Nagal). Go down and move to the left side and open the chest. You will get money and a booming business which the shotgun ability. Move forward and use the chain to climb up. Go by the cliff and move to the left.

Get to the Water Fall:

When you cross the wood you will be encountered by the enemy. Which is a new type that can use a hammer to hit you. Defeat the enemies and be careful of the rocks falling from the cliff. Move forward and cross the short path between cliffs. Get the electric pulse and open the chest to get the money. Use the train cabin to move and make the path. Then move forward by jumping through the cabin. You will reach the waterfall area. Move forward and you will see something moving under the ground.


Get the chest from the left side and move outside the waterfall area. You need to defeat some enemies. You need to defeat multiple enemies here. Shoot the woods to make a path for you. Follow the rail track and on the way, you will find the second Agent Bloom’s Bestiary near the dead body. At the end of the rail track, you will find a gate. You need to open the gate use the switchboard and then shoot the axle to block the gate. Enter inside by crawling.

Defeat the Dracula:

You will see a Dracula after entering inside. You need to defeat this large enemy to proceed.


He will use a fireball attack and throw it toward you. He will use the Wing attack in which he will fly and make a shield. Then he will use a claw attack in which he will swing his both hands and then a single hand. You can keep a distance to save yourself from the attack. He will also use a smash attack. He will also summon a fire layer and send it toward you. You can dodge this attack by keeping your distance. In the end, he will be stunned. Interact to kill Dracula.

Get outside and get the third Agent Bloom’s Bestiary from the left side where you see the blood. Instantly you will see an enemy which will go underground. Follow the path and open the chest on the way to get the money and Ghost Rifle Skill.

Turned Familiar:

Move forward until you reach the muddy place where you will face this enemy.

Monster from mud

He will appear from the ground. He will do multiple attacks. He will quickly disappear and changes positions to chase by going underground. Make sure to follow the Dust to know the location. Then he throws a stone toward you so make sure to dodge the attack. He will also throw flame at you and Use the claw to attack you. You can use the rifle for long-range attacks to prevent him from doing attacks and for close range use your shotgun. It will help you a lot.

After Defeating the Familiar you will see Agent Bloom hiding under the body.

agent bloom