Evil West: The First Spark Walkthrough

After destroying you will reach the Headquarters of the Rentier Institute run by William Rentier (Jesse’s Father). Which is Monster hunting organization.

In this guide, we will discuss The First Spark.

Jesse’s Father’s Office:

After you handle the horses. You go inside and ask the agent if your father if he is in the office or not. You talk to your father and ask him to leave because he wants to prepare for the presentation.

Go to the left side of the hall and interact with the item on the table. Which is a Photo of (Lincoln and William).

lincoln and william photo

Go inside the lobby and move to the left side to get the (Daily Mail News). Then go to the shelf on the right side and get the (R1 Files). Then Jesse’s picture from the left side of the table.

Then go to Agent Feathers and purchase the ability for your weapon.

Attend Presentation:

Before that go outside near the horse to get the money. Then go to the upper portion and get the picture of (Civil war time) from the shelf. Get the First prototype of the Gauntlet from the table in the same location.

gauntlet prototype

Then get the picture of your father from the side of the pillar before entering the presentation. In the presentation, James Harrow speaks some words, and then William Rentier Gauntlet (Zapper). During the presentation, you will be attacked by enemies. Defeat the enemies and move forward. Again you have to defeat the poisoned enemy (Infected proteus) which will throw poison eggs that can chase you. Destroy them before getting hit by them. Cross the path by using the grappler and reach Edgar.


Follow the cables to find the next exit. Move forward and defeat the enemies. Go to the left of the lab and get the picture of Jessie’s great grandfather.

jesse's great grandfather

You need to destroy the archives before the enemy gets their hands. Move further and open the gas. Use your pistol to leak the gas pipes. Defeat the enemies.

Escape the Archives:

After defeating the enemies you need to get out of the archives. Use the grappler to cross the broken path and climb to the right side. Kill some enemies (Bod-Hag) and you will get the perk (Quake Punch). Kill some more enemies by using the quake punch. Move forward to get in front of the building. You will be attacked by multiple enemies. Defeat them and get inside the building hallway. You will hear some monster voice. You will see she is the daughter (Felicity) of Peter D’ABANO. She will instantly attack and trap you until the building explode. But you get out of there in time. You take your father to a safe place in the buggy.

explosion in archives building

After That, you need to save your father.