Evil West: The Heist -End Game

After Killing William Rentier you will head toward the bank to handle the D’Abano family and Felicity.

This is a straightforward path where you have to defeat the enemies multiple times. Just be careful of the machine gun on the train. Change the directions by climbing through the houses and reaching the bank where you have to fight with multiple enemies including the gunman using the machines on the bank wall. It is will take some time but most of the time you have to fight with enemies.

Where To Find Glamour Seal

Get inside and break the bank vault by using the bomb. Use the zapper to reveal the Glamour seals. Get outside and break the seals located in front of the bank. After breaking two Seals you will be attacked by the enemies. Defeat the enemies and get inside the building to destroy the third Glamour Seal.

Glamour seal

After entering you will reach the dark place. Move further and interact where you will see multiple bodies. You will meet Peter D’Abano and you talk to him about Felicity and where she is planning. At first, D’Abano teases Jesse by talking about his father. Then Jesse pours the wine into the blood and burns it. Then he told Jesse about the plan and take his head with him. That she is planning to do the end in Chester Opera. You planned to reach the president first before Felicity reach there.

Get through the Stage:

After reaching Washington you will face some enemies in the hall. There will be a lot of enemies including all kinds of enemies that you have to defeat. After defeating them break the door and get inside. Get the money from the left side and then open the chest to get the money. Enter the hall and defeat more enemies. Here you have to defeat enemies for some time and get to the stage. You will meet Felicity she told after converting the president she will have all the secrets and no one going to stop her. She will instantly attack but Jesse stops her with the zapper. Jesse then talks about what felicity did to him. Felicity also turned his father against him. Then she will convert herself into a monster.


Defeat Felicity:

She will quickly move around. Uses jump to smash and then uses her hands to do a smash. When she will smash it will create a red circle around so you need to stay out of the circle. Then she will do a forward smash which will create fire forward to your direction. Which you can dodge. She will also swing around and do multiple smashes. She will also use fire bombs which will chase you down. Then she will smash fire which also chases you. She will change her appearance to become bigger when her health is near to half. The attack pattern will remain the same except for the one in which she will scratch her hand on the ground simultaneously.


She will also hang onto the wall and throw multiple stones which create a red circle at the place of fall. You have to stay out of there to save yourself. It will also draw orange circles around her body which will give you the advantage to give her more damage.

Stage Two:

After more than half of her HP, she will change her appearance for the third time. You have to be very careful this time because the impact of her attacks becomes bigger. She will do smashes which will take almost the area. Then do a big jump and smash which will cover the whole area.

felicity stage two

She will also do multiple smashes through her hand. She will also throw multiple fire-woods at you which will give you a lot of damage if you don’t dodge. Just try to dodge her attacks and use your stun ability to give her damage as much as possible. As well as uses your rage ability to give her damage. Don’t forget to use your healing ability to take advantage.

felicity stage two

The End:  

In the end, you will attack her with your zapper. This will burn her monster and create a splash all around. Emilia told the president to put James Harrow behind bars because he uses the power for his own benefit. Then President (Grover Cleveland) appreciates Jesse’s work and hand him over the control of Rentier Institute. Jesse asked the president to prepare more than ever this time to face the difficulties. The President gives him his full support in any way he can provide. The Game End here.

The End