Evil West: The Raid Walkthrough

You will visit many places in Evil West where you will have to face different enemies and receive some collectibles.

In this guide, we will discuss The Raid walkthrough.

The Raid:

You will reach a village by taking Chester in a coffin. You will talk with Chester after that you will receive the Rentier Rifle.

How to Find the Entrance:

This is a destructive place where you have to find the entrance to the underground. Go and cross the bridge and get the money by shooting the shining box. Jump and you will two men shooting the bottles. Use the rifle o kill them. More enemies will appear you can kill them instantly by shooting at their weak spots.

shoot the box

Familiar Tattoo Project:

Enter the building and interact with the drum on the right side to get the Tattoo Project.

tattoo project

Get outside and break the door where two men were shooting the bottles. Enter inside and get the money on the right side. In the next room, you will also find a big chest open to get the money and Ghost Scarf. You can equip the scarf in the character’s appearance menu. Go back to the next and cross you will see a man hanging. Shoot and get the money. Go forward and shoot the TNT to clear the path. Move to the house you will see multiple enemies appear from the window. Kill them and you will get new lore.

Under Ground Palace:

Go to the building and enter inside. Get the money from the table inside. Jump down and you will reach the Ground Palace. Move forward and break the barricades to clear the path. There you will find a very short path between the walls. You will reach a big area under the cave. Go to the left and reach the bridge. You will see an illusion that can be only opened by the vampire. So you ask Chester to open the illusion. Go inside and you will see some enemies. Defeat them.

underground palace

Temple (Find a way inside):

Move to the left after defeating the enemies. And you will find a paper (Peter D’ABANO’S Notes) with the pillar. Break the TNT and open the chest to get the money.

Peter D’ABANO’S Notes

Go down and kill some enemies and you will receive a perk (Pump Pack).  Move forward within the wall and open the golden chest to get the money. Move forward and you will see flying enemies (Screeching Devil). Which throw fireballs at you.  Kill them and move forward. You need to open the gate there. When using the axle within the gate it will open the door a little bit which is not enough to open the gate. Use the second axle to open the full gate which is located behind you.

Go inside and get the second (Peter D’ABANO’S Notes). Move forward and kill some enemies. After that cross the path by using the grappler and enter inside by crawling to the left. Kill enemies and open the gate by destroying the four rocky structures hanging within the chain. Move forward and get the third (Peter D’ABANO’S Notes). Go to the bridge and after killing the enemies use the grappler to bring the pillar down. Cross by using the pillar and enter the Temple.

Entrance to the temple

There you will see Dominic Calvert talking to Peter D’ABANO’S. In the scene, you will see Peter change his Appearance to Dracula. We need to defeat him.

How to Defeat Peter D’ABANO’S

Jump and smash: He will perform a big jump and smash. You can dodge by creating the distance. He will also perish a big rounded flame and throw it towards you. He will also use a Claw attack in which he tries to hit you with his both hands.  He will also Fly and create a rounded shield around himself.

This also creates a yellow circle which will give you the opportunity to give him more damage. He will also create a splash that will follow you. You can dodge by jumping and by making distance. Use your rifle and pistol to give him damage. In the end, he will also use small enemies.

Defeating Dracula Peter D’ABANO’S