Evil West: Where Oil Tastes like Blood

After investigating the swamps Jesse moves back to Calico Town and injects (Cure) his father. After injecting Jesse father’s feels like someone squeezing his mind. The girl appears in his mind and talks to Jesse. Jesse’s father told him the location that she is in Dickinson. Edgar disturbs the communication by shocking William. After that, you talk to James Harrow he will ask you to go to Kinston Oilfields instead of Dickinson because there is very sensitive information that you need to know.

Kinston Oilfields:

This is a company where you have to get the information from the Oilfields Bureau on the far side of the river. After reaching there you will talk to the workers about the conditions of the Oilfield.

letter from oilfields bureau

Find the Survivors:

Use the zip line and reach the place. Destroy the TNT and get the money and move forward by walking on the wooden structure. Cross the path by using the grappler. Get the (Harrow’s Secretary Report) from the left side within the drum.

Destroy TNT

Destroy the TNT and go down to get the (Ghost Broomstick) from the chest. After crossing the bridge you will have to defeat some enemies. Get the money from the left room and move forward by going down.

Drain the Lake:

Now you need to find a way to drain the Lake. Because the workers are stuck. A little far in the circular you will be attacked by enemies including the Hive Cone. Kill them and use the objects to throw the enemies at them to defeat them early. Move forward by crawling under the wood and meet with the worker. You ask the worker how to drain the lake. You need to open the gates to drain the lake. Destroy the first counterweight to open the first door. Then you need to power up the switch by turning on the generator. GO to the place where you first talk to the workers. There you will find the generator.


Turn on the generator and go to the switch. Activate the switch which will make a bridge path toward the next counterweight. Use the grappler to reach the counterweight. Destroy the weight to open the gate which will decrease the water level.

Cross the Lake:

Cross the lake and locate the office. After crossing you have to defeat some enemies. Defeat the enemy and get the money from the chest located in the room. Move forward and defeat some enemies again. After defeating the enemies talk to the worker. Workers ask to move the crane if he wants to find the man in charge. To use the crane first you need to power up the switch by turning the generator on. The generator has a timer so you need to power up the generator again. Turn on the switch to move the Crane.

turn on crane

Store House:

Enter the Storehouse you can use the workshop there to upgrade the weapons and perks. Move forward and get the next (Harrow’s Secretary Report) from the left side of the store. Move forward by breaking the barricade. Defeat the enemies and move forward by using the lift. Go to the end and interact. Jesse will use the zip line.

use zipline

Follow the Pipes:

After reaching the next place you need to defeat the enemies and follow the pipes. Following the pipes, you will reach a circular where you have to defeat the new enemy. This is star fish-type enemy which will change his position from tower to tower. He will shoot a laser flame. Throw worms at you. You have to save yourself from the laser and defeat the small enemies. Try to shoot the yellow circle when it appears on the enemy’s body. After defeating the enemy get the documents from Jonathan Biddle.

Jonathan Biddle

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