How To Fix Farming Simulator 22 Stuttering and Lagging on PC

If you’ve recently found your once-smooth Farming Simulator 22 experience marred by sudden and frustrating stuttering issues, you’re not alone.

Many gamers have encountered unexplained lag and stuttering, turning an enjoyable farming simulation into an unplayable ordeal. Whether you’re farming on a high-powered gaming laptop with an i7 10th gen, RTX 2060, and 16GB of RAM, or facing similar issues on a different setup, fear not.

In this guide, we’ll explain a range of tested solutions and troubleshooting steps to fix Farming Simulator 22 stuttering and lagging issues.

Why is Farming Simulator 22 Stuttering and Lagging on PC?

Mostly when players face framerate drop issues while playing games on PC. It’s due to one particular reason that is not meeting the system requirements. Buy a gaming PC.

FS22 is an advanced simulator requiring higher system requirements if your PC won’t meet then you will see stuttering and a sudden decrease in FPS.

Other causes include:

  • Old graphics drivers and game patches.
  • Running overlay in the background
  • Under optimized game’s graphics settings
  • CPU Overclocking.

How To Fix Farming Simulator 22 Stuttering on PC

From optimizing frame rates to clearing shader caches and checking Nvidia Control Panel settings, we’ll delve into actionable tips to restore that buttery-smooth gameplay experience in Farming Simulator 22 on your PC. So, let’s get your virtual farm back to its optimal performance.

1. FramerateLimitFPS console command

  • Go to the game.xml file in the Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator22 folder.
  • Change <development> <controls>false</controls>
    <development> <controls>true</controls>.
  • Load your saved game and press ~ twice to bring up the console.
  • Enter “framerateLimitFPS xxx” where xxx is one less than your monitor’s refresh rate (e.g., 143 for a 144hz display or 119 for a 120hz display).

2. Update Graphics Card’s Driver

The graphics card is required to run all graphics-related tasks if ignored can cause the Farming Simulator FPS drops issue.

Soon users complained about FPS drops or low framerate issues while playing FS22 AMD and NVIDIA released a new driver’s version to counter this issue.

You should check that driver’s version and update them on your PC.

If you aren’t a tech-savvy person then we recommend downloading the Driver Easy software on your PC. It’s an advanced driver updater tool for Windows PC that automatically scans the system and updates the system’s drivers.

3. Optimize FS22 Graphics Settings

To optimize the game’s graphics first ensure that the game is set to use DirectX 12 as the renderer. You can also use -force-dx11 in Steam launch settings.

After that access Anti-Aliasing Settings and

  • Disable MSAA (Multisample Anti-Aliasing).
  • Choose one of the following for anti-aliasing:
    • TAA (Temporal Anti-Aliasing)
    • DLAA (Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing)
    • DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling)

4. Nvidia Control Panel Performance Setting

First, ensure that the screen resolution in the game settings matches your desktop resolution. Then open up GPU performance settings inside the Nvidia Control Panel.

  • Right-click on the desktop and access the Nvidia Control Panel.
  • Navigate to 3D Settings and adjust the top setting to “Let the 3D application decide” or choose performance over quality.

Secondly, if you are playing FS22 using Nvidia GPU then change the in-game graphics settings as:

  • Graphics: Very High
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Vsync: On
  • Fullscreen: On
  • Brightness: 1.0
  • Field of View: 75%
  • HUD: 100%
  • Camera Bobbing: On
  • Advanced Settings:
    • Profile: Very High
    • Multisampling: Off
    • Post Process: TAA
    • DLSS: Off
    • Super Resolution: Off
    • Shadow: Very High
    • Shadow Distance: High
    • SSAO: Very High
    • Light: Very High
    • Object Draw: 130%
    • Terrain LOD: 200%
    • 3D: 100%
    • Mirrors: 4
    • Texture Aniso: 4x
    • Shadow Map: High
    • Terrain Quality: Very High

5. Disable Overlays

No doubt overlays help you enhance the game performance but many users have reported that they interfere when playing games.

If you have activated Steam, Discord, or GeForce overlay maybe that’s why you are dealing with Farming Simulator FPS drops issues.

Disable them and if you are running MSI Afterburner to use its MSI FPS counter you should also disable it as well.

6. Clear Shader Cache

Clearing the shader cache involves deleting the shader cache files in the game’s documents folder. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to clear the shader cache for Farming Simulator 22:

  • Open File Explorer on your computer.
  • Navigate to the Documents folder. You can usually find this under “This PC” or “My Computer.”
  • Inside the Documents folder, locate the “My Games” folder.
  • Find the “FarmingSimulator22” folder within “My Games” and open it.
  • Look for a folder named “shader_cache” or similar. It may contain several files.
  • Select all the files in the “shader_cache” folder.
  • Right-click on the selected files, and choose “Delete” from the context menu.
  • Confirm that you want to delete the files when prompted.
  • Close the File Explorer.

7. Check For Controller Issues

Sometimes, certain controllers can cause problems with the performance of a game, leading to stutters. Here’s a more detailed explanation of the suggested solution:

  • Unplug or disconnect any external controllers, including steering wheels, from your computer.
  • If you’re using a wireless controller, make sure it’s turned off or remove its batteries.

8. Disable the XBOX Game Bar

Windows 10 has a built-in utility called XBOX Game Bar that helps users check CPU temp and FPS limit while playing the game.

If you have activated these features then it will cause interruption resultantly you will see the Farming Simulator FPS drops issue.

9. Disable Head/Eye-Tracking

Disabling the head and eye tracking can fix FS22 micro stutter so you should give it a try as well.

  • Run Farming Simulator 22 on PC.
  • Go to in-game Options.
  • Open the General Settings menu.
  • Turn off the “Head/Eye Tracking” under the “Input Controls” section.

10. Run Farming Simulator 22 on a Single Screen

This fix is for those users who have multiple display screens connected with the system. It surely helps them in multitasking but it also puts a load on your system.

Especially that system which is not powerful enough can show Farming Simulator 22 FPS drops issue.

All you need is to disconnect the other display screens and connect only one while playing games on a PC.

11. Monitor PC Temperature

Monitoring CPU and GPU temperatures is crucial for ensuring the optimal performance and stability of your system, particularly during resource-intensive tasks like gaming.

Download and install monitoring software that provides real-time information about your CPU and GPU temperatures. Run the monitoring software while playing Farming Simulator 22 to observe temperature changes.