Fix: Farming Simulator 22 FPS drops and Lagging on PC

Fix game lag and FPS drop issues.

While playing Farming Simulator 22 FPS Drops from 60 to 30 making it unplayable. You will find our solutions helpful.

FS22 (Farming Simulator 22) is a popular game on Steam. Players are raising virtual farms, raising livestock.

At the same time, more complaints are coming that players are dealing with performance-related issues while playing it on PC.

Players are dealing with Farming Simulator 22 FPS drops, lagging, low FPS, stuttering, freezing, or even hard crashes at times.

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What Causes The Farming Simulator FPS Frops on PC

Mostly when players face framerate drop issues while playing games on PC. It’s due to one particular reason that is not meeting the system requirements. Buy gaming PC.

FS22 is an advanced simulator requiring higher system requirements if your PC won’t meet then you will see stuttering and a sudden decrease in FPS.

Farming Simulator System Requirements sFor PC

Other causes include:

  • Old graphics drivers and game patches.
  • Running overlay in the background
  • Under optimized game’s graphics settings
  • CPU Overclocking.

How To Fix Farming Simulator 22 FPS Drops on PC

With the fixes explained below you can get rid of low FPS, Stuttering, lagging, FPS drops issues once and for all.

Fix 1. Install Latest Game Patch

The FS22 developers regularly release the game patches to fix performance-related issues and bugs.

Maybe the current patch has caped the FPS limit and that’s why you are dealing with low FPS while playing the game.

Make sure you have the latest game patch on your PC. If you are running FS22 on Steam then you don’t have to do much. The Steam automatically detects the game patch if it’s there and installs it.

Fix 2. Update Graphics Card’s Driver

The graphics card is required to run all graphics-related tasks if ignored can cause Farming Simulator FPS drops issue.

Soon users complained about FPS drops or low framerate issues while playing FS22 the AMD and NVIDIA released a new driver’s version to counter this issue.

You should check that driver’s version and update them on your PC.

If you aren’t a tech-savvy person then we recommend downloading the Driver Easy software on your PC. It’s an advanced driver updater tool for Windows PC that automatically scans the system and updates the system’s drivers.

Fix 3. Optimize in-game Graphics Settings

Wrongly configured graphics settings can cause Framing Simulator 22 FPS drops Issue. If your PC doesn’t meet the system requirements of FS22 then try tweaking these in-game settings.

  • Run the FS22 and go to Options then Display Settings.
  • Set V-Sync to Off
    Set Windowed Mode to Fullscreen
  • Reduce the Resolution Scaling to 80%

Press the Spacebar to access Advanced Graphics Settings and make these changes:

  • Multisampling Anti-Aliasing: Off
  • Post Process Anti-Aliasing: Off
  • DLSS: Performance or Balanced if your graphics card supports DLSS. If not, then turn DLSS off.
  • FidelityFx Super Resolution: Off
  • Shadow Quality: Off.
  • Shadow Distance Quality: Low
  • SSAO Quality: Low.
  • Light Quality: Low.
  • Object Draw Distance: 50 – 70
  • Terrain LOD Distance: 50 – 70
  • Resolution Scaling 3D: 50 – 100
  • Max Mirrors: 0
  • Texture Filtering: Bilinear
  • Shadow Map Filtering: Low
  • Terrain Quality: Low.
  • Foliage Draw Distance: 50 – 70
  • Foliage Shadows: Off
  • Mesh Tessellation Volume: 50 – 100
  • Realistic Beacon Lights: Off
  • Texture Resolution: Low
  • Max Shadow Lights: 1
  • Shader Quality: Low
  • LOD Distance: 50 – 80
  • Cloud Quality: Low
  • Max Tire Tracks: 0 – 50
  • Shading Rate: Low

Fix 4. Disable Overlays

No doubt overlays help you enhance the game performance but many users have reported that they interfere when playing games.

If you have activated Steam, Discord, or GeForce overlay maybe that’s why you are dealing with Farming Simulator FPS drops issues.

Disable them and if you are running MSI Afterburner to use its MSI FPS counter you should also disable it as well.

Fix 5. Disable XBOX Game Bar

Windows 10 has a built-in utility called XBOX Game Bar that helps users to check CPU temp and FPS limit while playing the game.

If you have activated these features then it will cause interruption resultantly you will see Farming Simulator FPS drops issue.

Fix 6. Disable Head/Eye-Tracking

Disabling the head and eye tracking can fix FS22 micro stutter so you should give it a try as well.

  • Run Farming Simulator 22 on PC.
  • Go to in-game Options.
  • Open the General Settings menu.
  • Turn-off the “Head/Eye Tracking” under the “Input Controls” section.

Fix 7. Edit game.xml to Unlock 60 FPS Cap

Some users felt that there’s an FPS cap limit while playing FS22. If that’s the case then unlock the FPS limit by tweaking the game.xml file.

Disabling the FPS limit will increase the performance in FS 22. Follow these steps:

  • Close the game and go to C:\Users\%UserName%\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2022 or where you have installed it.
  • In FarmingSimulator2022 folder, open the game.xml file with notepad.
  • Under <development> line, change “<controls>false</controls>” to “<controls>true</controls>.”
  • Save the file
  • Make sure you have turned off the “V-Sync” in game’s display settings.
  • Press F2 when you enter the game. It will show your FPS in Farming Simulator 22.
  • Then press F3 to uncap your FPS in FS 22.

Fix 8. Force Steam To Run in Direct X Mode

Due to ray tracing in Steam sometimes the game won’t load in Direct X mode.

So you need to force the game to run with DirectX mode. Before that, you need to install the DirectX latest version. DirectX 11 is more stable than DirectX 12 so you should install DirectX 11 not follow these steps.

  • Run Steam.
  • Go to Library.
  • Right-click on F1 2021 and select Properties.
  • In the GENERAL tab, you will find LAUNCH OPTIONS.
  • Enter -force-dx11 and press OK.
  • Now, launch the game.

Fix 9. Run Farming Simulator 22 on a Single Screen

This fix is for those users who have multiple display screens connected with the system. It surely helps them in multitasking but it also puts a load on your system.

Especially that system which is not powerful enough can show Farming Simulator 22 FPS drops issue.

All you need is to disconnect the other display screens and connect only one while playing games on PC.

Fix 10. Stop Overclocking Your PC

Most of the time the Farming Simulator 22 FPS drops, stuttering, or freezing problem occurs when your system is running way too hot.

You need to check whether your CPU temp range and GPU temp range are under the acceptable limit. If not then you need to take steps to lower the PC temp.

Many users use tools that let users overclock their PC’s CPU and GPU. Make sure you underclock your PC and uninstall any of these programs.

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