Where To Find Silver And Copper in Starfield (Farm Guide & Locations)

Silver and Copper in Starfield are two important resources that you can find commonly. You can use these resources to craft Weapons upgrades, Gear mods, Equipment, and Outposts. Silver And Copper are also two main ingredients to harvest resources like Zero Wire.

There are plenty of planets and moons in the Starfield system that are rich in these resources. If you want to find Silver And Copper in Starfield then there are two ways. You can either mine it or purchase it from a vendor shop.

In this guide, we have explained Planet locations where you can easily find silver & copper and harvest them.

Silver And Copper Location in Starfield

Utilizing your spaceship for grav jumping to the planets listed below can provide you with a substantial stockpile of these valuable minerals. These celestial bodies are rich in resources, making them prime destinations for resource gathering:

Planets to Find Silver and Copper

Planet SystemResources
Altair IAltair Silver (Ag)
BindiCheyenne Silver (Ag)
CraggCheyenne Silver (Ag), Copper (Cu)
DioneSol Silver (Ag)
Eridani VEridani Silver (Ag)
Eridani VIII-bEridani Silver (Ag)
KreetNarion Silver (Ag)
Maheo IMaheo Silver (Ag)
Muphrid VIII-aMuphrid Silver (Ag)
Oborum II-aOborum Prime Silver (Ag)
PontemWolf Silver (Ag)
SkinkCheyenne Silver (Ag), Copper (Cu)
Toliman IIToliman Silver (Ag)
WashakieCheyenne Silver (Ag)
Agamon A, B, CCheyenneCopper (Cu)
ArielSolCopper (Cu)
CharonSolCopper (Cu)
CruthNarionCopper (Cu)
KaliraCheyenneCopper (Cu)
Maheo IIMaheoCopper (Cu)
Maheo IV-aMaheoCopper (Cu)
Maheo V-aMaheoCopper (Cu)
Volii EpsilonVoliiCopper (Cu)
Volii UpSilonVoliiCopper (Cu)
ZamkaAlpha CentauriCopper (Cu)
Tau Ceti I, III, IVTau CetiCopper (Cu)
Procyon I, III, VI-a, VI-cProcyon ACopper (Cu)
Altair III, IV-aAltairCopper (Cu)

How To Farm Copper and Silver

Once you’ve arrived at your designated target location, it’s time to harvest copper and silver. Here’s how to make the most of your exploration:

  1. Exploration: Begin by exploring the area thoroughly. Take your time to survey the terrain and examine rocks and surroundings closely.
  2. Scanner Usage: Activate your scanner to search for and analyze potential resource deposits. This handy tool will help you pinpoint the location of valuable minerals.
  3. Extraction with Cutter: When you identify these minerals, deploy your trusty cutter. Point it at the ground or rock containing the resources and start cutting to extract them carefully.
  4. Larger Deposits: In the unfortunate event that you stumble upon a larger deposit, consider building an outpost. This outpost can house specialized machinery for mining these abundant resources. The machinery will extract the minerals efficiently and store them in containers for later use.

How to Purchase Copper and Silver in Starfield?

If you don’t want to spend time harvesting Silver and Copper directly from the environment, don’t worry, there’s another way. You can conveniently acquire these essential minerals by visiting the vendor shops scattered across the Starfield Universe, as they offer these resources as tradable items. Here are the locations to find Vendor shops in Starfield:

Jemison MercantileNew Atlantis, Jemison
Mining LeagueNeon, Volii Alpha
Midtown MineralsAkila City, Akila

That was all from our side on where to locate and farm minerals like Silver and Copper in Starfield.