Why is Avast Causing High CPU Temp and Fan Speed? Fix It

Are you getting fed up with your Avast antivirus program making your computer get overheated? I know how you feel.

Several online users complain that Avast causes high CPU temp in their laptops and desktop PCs. Not only does Avast increases CPU temperature but it also increases CPU fan speed that constantly produces a whirring/humming sound.

In this post, we will explain the easy steps that you apply to fix Avast causing high CPU temp and fan speed. Even if you use any other antivirus software you can apply these solutions.

No matter you have Avast 32-bit or 64-bit in your Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7 you can fix Avast’s high CPU temp usage problem.

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Avast Problem

The most serious problem that one user faced was;

Using Avast for 3-4 years and the major problem is that, for no reason Avast causing high CPU temp. No new programs installed but Avast still goes to 30-60% CPU usage and causes an increase in CPU fan speed. At the same time, my CPU temps reach 60C+ while usually my normally CPU temperature is around 30-50 range.

How to Fix Avast Causing High CPU Temp Problems in Laptop PC

To determine whether it’s Avast that causes high CPU temperature in your system. Windows users open “Task Manager” and Mac users open “Activity Monitor.” Now check which process is consuming high CPU usage.

Once you make sure that it’s Avast or any other antivirus software, then apply these fixes to get rid of them.

Fix 1 – Avoid Running Scans While You Use the Computer

When you are using your computer like downloading any games or movies, just don’t run a full scan. If you do run an antivirus scan your computer will start overheating.

It’s because system resources are utilized more aggressively to fulfill the task. To prevent the overheating problem in your PC you should change the preset so that it won’t happen on a fixed schedule.

Change the full scan settings and if it automatically starts then stop it using Task Scheduler. Wondering how to make avast use less CPU well the answer lies in managing Avast scans.

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How to Stop Avast Antivirus from Running Scheduled Scans

  • Click on the Windows logo and type “Task Scheduler” to open it.
  • Now locate “Avast Antivirus”
  • Right-click on the task to disable
Reduce CPU temp usage from task scheduler

You can apply the same steps to stop AVG or Windows Defender from running itself.

Fix 2 – Upgrade Internet Connection

The Avast Realtime protection scan traffic in and traffic out all the time. If you are noticing Avast causing high CPU temp problems only when you download games from Steam, Blizzard, or torrents with a slow internet connection.

The Avast Realtime protection and download both consume and utilize internet speed. If you don’t upgrade your internet connection your system will get slow.

As a test, you can download any game while having Avast installed on your system. You will see an increase in CPU and network usage ultimately your CPU temperature will rise approximately 10 to 20C higher than your average temperature.

The real-time protection also scans Microsoft or program update check / downloading updates/windows indexing. So upgrade your network connection to avoid the Avast temperature problem.

Fix 3 – Check if PC Fans are Broken

If you have an old PC or laptop then you should check if its CPU fans are working properly. Broken fans are another problem that affects PC temperature values.

Broken fans don’t only mean that it’s not working it also includes if your CPU fans constantly spinning causing whirring/humming sounds.

The best solution is to replace them with aftermarket fans and download fan controller software to manage speed. These tools can also help you maintain an ideal CPU fan speed.

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Fix 4 – Manage Programs Running in the Background

If you have multiple programs running in the background then your system will have less CPU power for Avast antivirus scan. Comparatively Avast antivirus and such programs need more CPU power than other ordinary programs.

So you should close all other unnecessary programs that you don’t need for a while. Otherwise, due to less power, Avast will start to cause high CPU temp and an increase in fan speed.

You can easily close background apps from “Task Manager”. Open it and click on “More details” then “Processes”. Now Right-click on the unwanted process to “Disable” it.

Fix 5 – Clean your Computer Regularly

If you haven’t cleaned your PC for a long time then it is probably a good idea to clean it now. Dust and debris are another cause of overheating in laptops and desktop PC.

Get a compressed can of air and blow out all the dust around the heat sink, case fans, and CPU fan. If you do that you will be less likely to face Avast causing high CPU temp problems in your PC.

Fix 6 – Avoid Overclocking in Desktop PC

If your PC is overclocked then it might be the reason why Avast is Causing High CPU temp and why your CPU fans are making a strange loud noise.

Because the overclocked system maxed out on the CPU when the antivirus is trying to do its thing.

Also, make sure there’s enough cooling going on and maybe add some additional water cooling system to the thing.

This is how you can solve Avast causing high CPU temp in Windows and Mac PC. You can apply the same steps to fix the fan speed issue. These are the solutions to fix Antivirus overheating in laptops.

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