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Fix: Elden Ring Crashing on PC

Fix Elden Ring Crashing on PC

More and more reports are coming on Reddit that Elden Ring crashing on startup or while loading. Many users also complained that Elden Ring crashes randomly.

The game looks normal until you play it for a couple of minutes then suddenly it stutters and crashes. Sometimes when trying to load saved games when the bar reaches15% it crashes.

If you are also dealing with Elden Ring crashing on PC Steam or it crashes when you put on a soldier’s helmet, create a character, or pick up the red hood near the giant is hanging with the pile of corpses and dogs eating.

Don’t worry with the fixes explained here you can get rid of these crashes on PC. We have also covered Elden Ring Not Launching problem.

in Windows 11, 10 and 7

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Why does Elden Ring crash on PC?

The reason for game freezing or crashing on loading varies for everyone. However, each time Elden Ring crashes on loading you should instantly check your PC specs to see if the system requirements to play this game are met or not.

If your PC won’t meet the recommended requirements to play this game then you are destined to see the error. You should upgrade your gaming PC.

Other causes include the Elden Ring game patch, outdated graphics driver, corrupted game files, Steam overlay, etc.

How To Fix Elden Ring crashing on PC?

It doesn’t matter if the game is crashing on startup, while loading, or when saving the game. The fixes mentioned here will surely help you.

Fix 1. Elden Ring Game Patch

Some players complained that since they installed the latest game patch the crashing has started.

If you are also dealing with this issue then you should uninstall the game from your PC and then reinstall it again.

When Steam tries to download a game patch stop it by right-clicking the game, selecting Properties > Update Tab > Turn off Automatic Updates.

Fix 2. Clearing your DirectX shader cache

Players have reported that Elden Ring crashing can be fixed by clearing the DirectX cache in the NVIDIA folder. To find this folder go to this path:

Copy the path above and replace “your name” with the username on your PC. Now delete the files inside this folder. If the system asks close GoG and any RGB peripheral software.

Alternatively, follow these steps:

Fix 3. Update graphics driver

If the Elden Ring keeps crashing randomly on your PC then there may be an outdated or corrupted graphics driver on your PC.

You need to update the graphics driver on your PC to improve game performance. there are two methods to do it: manually or automatically

We suggest you adopt the automatic method as it is easier, saves time, and doesn’t require tech skills.

All you have to do is to download Driver Easy on your PC and install it. This is the best driver updater software for Windows PC even in 2022.

When you run this tool it quickly scans and presents a list of outdated PC drivers. Just click on the update all button and it will automatically install the official latest version of drivers on your PC.

Give it a try and Download Driver Easy Trail version on your PC. This tool supports Windows 11, Windows 10, and Windows 7 OS.

Fix 4. Verify game file

The game files can become corrupt or get removed from your PC causing Elden Ring to crash. You need to verify the integrity of game files using the Steam client.

During this process, Steam will scan game files and if any file is removed or corrupt, it will be replaced with the new one.

To verify the game files follow these steps:

Fix 5. Uninstall Afterburner and Rivatuner Statistics Server

Many users who have low specs PC tries to download MSI Afterburner and RTS to increase their PC’s performance.

These tools are not compatible with the game hence you see crashing on your PC. There are other players who use these tools to overclock their GPU causing their PC to overheat.

So try to uninstall these tools from your PC and then try to launch the game.

Fix 6. Disable steam overlay

Users do enable Steam overlay to improve game performance but they may also become a problem for you.

To fix the Elden Ring crashes you should disable the Steam overlay. Follow these steps to do it:

Fix 7. Delete temp folder

For many players deleting the temp folder worked out. So you may also give it a try but before that, you can create a backup of temp files.

Fix 8. Update or delete Epic Games Launcher

If you have an Epic Game Launcher on your PC then you might see that Anti Cheat System messes with it. In this case, the Elden Ring crashing occurs due to processes eldenring.exe and easy anti-cheat running along with it.

You should first try to update the epic game Launcher and see if the crashes are fixed. If the problem persists then simply delete this launcher and play Elden Ring using the Steam client.

Fix 9. Change the game’s graphics settings to medium

The chances of Elden Ring crashing are high if you have set the graphics setting to high for your PC to support. Easily fix random crashes by lowering the settings to medium or even lower depending on your PC configuration.

Of course, you can only apply this fix if you can get past the starting screen. So in case you are experiencing crashing while playing Elden Ring then the only thing you need to do is to navigate to the graphics settings and change all the settings to medium or low.

Fix 10. Activate the Radeon Anti-Lag feature

If you are an AMD GPU user then there are high chances that Elden Ring will keep crashing your PC.

However, players have managed to fix this crashing issue by activating the Radeon Anti-Lag feature from the Radeon Software. This feature helps you get rid of the stutter and lag issues, as well as the crashing.

Follow these steps:

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