How To Fix the Hello Neighbor 2 Ultrawide Issue on PC

Soon after the release, many users with ultrawide resolutions (2560×1080) are reporting blinking issues while playing Hello Neighbor 2. The reason is that the developers haven’t added ultrawide support for large-screen users.

The Hello Neighbor 2 Ultrawide issues cause a blinking screen, black bars in cutscenes, or FOV (field of view) not to be adjusted. The previous fix for users was to either force their monitor into 1920×1080 before launching or press F11 (Windowed mode).

In this article, we have explained how you can fix the Hello Neighbor 2 ultrawide issue on your PC permanently.

Fixing The Hello Neighbor 2 Ultrawide Issue

After multiple complaints, RoseTheFlower from the widescreen community has come up with the game patch. It may not be official but it fixes the ultrawide and wider.

This mod corrects the field of view reduction at 21:9 and wider resolutions, vertically matching 16:9. It also removes black bars from the cutscenes.

Here is how you can install the patch.

  • Head over to this GitHub Link to download the mod archive.
  • It will download in a Zip file, use any compression tool like Winrar or 7zip to extract the files.
  • Now copy and paste the file into the game folder.

If you are playing Hello Neighbor 2 using Microsoft Store (Game Pass for PC)


If you are playing using Steam and Epic

\HelloNeighbor2\Binaries\Win64\ inside the game folder.
  • Run the game and ensure the Window Mode is Borderless for proper scaling.

Can I uninstall Hello Neighbor 2 Mod?

Yes to uninstall, simply remove or move the files.

This game mod is tested on the latest Microsoft Store version primarily at 2560×1080 and 5120×1440. so if it has fixed the Hello Neighbor 2 Ultrawide Issue then do buy him a coffee, become a patron, or even donate crypto.