Fix: Call of Duty Modern Warfare Cutscenes Stuttering

New Modern Warfare PC patch fixed cutscenes and micro stuttering in the single-player campaign.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Cutscenes stuttering on your Windows 10 PC. Don’t worry you can easily fix this issue.

Since the release of Call of duty modern warfare users are complaining that on their Windows 10 PC whenever a cutscene comes it starts stuttering. At the same time, Audio/micro also begins to stutter. The Modern Warfare Cutscenes Stuttering problem has broken the hearts of many COD enthusiastic.

Users start complaining about different platforms i.e. Reddit, Quora, and Steam hoping to find solutions to fix modern warfare cutscenes stuttering errors. Although Infinity Wards released a new patch to fix the longstanding issue of stuttering cutscenes in the single-player campaign.

Still, Windows users are dealing with this bizarre situation, somehow PS4 users prove to be immune to this error problem. If you are also dealing with modern warfare cutscenes stuttering in the campaign, multiplayer, FPS drops, Micro stutters or your PC lags. Then here is the solution.

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How to Stop Stuttering in CAll of Duty: Modern Warfare

While playing single-player campaign/Story mode if you deal with a cutscene, micro stuttering, or modern warfare is lagging your PC. Then here are workable troubleshooting tips that may resolve modern warfare cutscenes stuttering once and for all.

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Fix 1: Download The Latest Patch

Recently IW has released a new CoD Modern Warfare update for PC users destined to fix cutscene stuttering. Download it on your PC to fix this widely reported issue.

Fix 2: Change Custom Framerate Limit

  • A few players have found that changing this setting to “Unlimited” fixed the problem for them
  • Head to the “Graphics” tab and scroll down to “Custom Framerate Limit.” Select “Unlimited” from the drop-down menu
  • Save your changes and then load up your most recent save the file to see if this helps
  • You may still experience a bit of lag, but not to the same degree that you did before

Fix 3: Move Modern Warfare onto an External Hard Drive

  • This has had mixed results for Redditors, but it may work for you
  • Try moving the entire game from your PC’s HDD to an external hard drive. This will take a while as Modern Warfare is a massive game
  • Load the game up, open a save file, and see if cutscenes still lag. If this helps, play the game from an SSD until Infinity Ward can patch a fix through

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Fix 4: Turn off NVIDIA In-Game Overlay

  • If you have an Nvidia graphics card, turning off “In-game overlay” fixes the issue as it removes Shadowplay from the experience
  • Open up Nvidia GeForce experience’s Settings section. Find “In-game Overlay” and toggle this off
  • Load up the game and last save the file to see if this helps
  • Lag may still turn up occasionally, but not as much as before

Fix 5: Full-Screen Temporary Fix

  • If you’re playing in full-screen mode instead of windowed, press and hold Alt+Tab for two to three seconds
  • Release both keys at the same time to potentially sort out lag issues

Fix 6: Backout from Mission to Avoid Cutscene Stuttering

Hopefully, this will fix COD campaign cutscenes stuttering as someone on the forum presented this cool idea. When the cut scene comes and starts stuttering also audio went off. Then do this;

  • Back out to the main menu once you get to the cutscene
  • Then go back to the mission and restart it.
  • By doing this you will be back to the cutscene and it will play properly.

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