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How To Fix Moisture Detected Error on Galaxy S20?

How To Fix Moisture Detected Error on Galaxy S20

If you are a Samsung user then you may experience a “Moisture detected” error on Galaxy S20 once in a lifetime. The same error may occur in the very new Galaxy S20.

If your device is displaying you this error then it may also not get charged, causing the charging issue as well. It is important to know the reason behind this error, sometime your S20 may actually come to direct contact with water or moisture or it indirectly got wet due to moisture and a humid environment.

However, the “Moisture detected” error on Galaxy S20 with a water drop icon on the screen may also be displayed on Galaxy S20 due to some software issue that must be resolved.

How To Fix Moisture Detected Error on Galaxy S20?

Here we have come up with some potential fixes for this problem. Here they are.

Fix 1: Dry the Charging Port

Fix 2: Check for an Accessory Problem

The Moisture detected error on Galaxy S20 issue can be displayed even if your charging port is cleaned and dried if there is damage to the charging accessories or even the charging cable. You must dry and clean the charging port and check for physical damage and change the charging accessory if needed.

Fix 3: Use of Wireless Charger

If your Galaxy S20 is showing an error on using a USB-C cable then you may try using a wireless charger. This is not a permanent solution but you can try this to resolve the “moisture detected” error and charge your phone.

If the Samsung S20 moisture detected error won’t go away then try our next fix.

Fix 4: Clear USB Setting Cache

If the reason behind the “moisture detected” error is in software then clearing the USB setting cache may fix it. 

Fix 5: Wipe Cache Partition

Fix 6: Force Stop Galaxy S20

Try to force stop your android to fix the moisture detected issue. 

Fix 7: Disable Fast Charging

It is reported that disabling the fast charging option on your device can make the moisture-detected warning fixed. 

Fix 8: Reboot your Device in a Safe Mood

Fix 9: Factor Reset

If nothing has worked then try a factory reset to fix this issue. 

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