How To Fix One Piece Odyssey Freezing & Lagging Issue on PC

Easy fixes to resolve game freezing issues on Windows PC.

One Piece Odessy crashing & lagging issues are affecting many PC players. The game just freezes for a couple of seconds or shows crashing.

Players will encounter One Piece Odyssey freezing and lagging issues when there are not enough resources. The insufficient system requirements and the resource-hungry apps running in the background are the two main culprits. So make sure you have checked these areas before playing the game.

If you are still dealing with One Piece of Odyssey freezing issues then no need to worry. In this article, we have mentioned the best solution to fix One Piece Odyssey Freezing on PC.

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How to Fix One Piece Odyssey Freezing & Lagging Issues on PC?

  • Restart your PC: First, try to restart your PC (It’s maybe a temporary glitch that can be sorted out by restarting your PC).
  • Check System Requirements: Your PC should be able to meet the system requirements to run the One Piece Odyssey. Stable hardware can help overcome the freezing issue on your PC.
  • Reset the Graphics Driver: Press the Windows Key + Shift + Ctrl + B at the same time. You will hear a beep with a screen flash.
  • Update GPU Driver: Sometimes freezing or lag issues occur on PC when graphics drivers are outdated. So make sure to update the graphics driver on PC.
  • Closed the unwanted programs on windows 10/11: Close all unwanted programs on windows 10/11 that might lead to One Piece Odyssey freezing on your PC. You can close programs by opening the Task manager > Check which program uses more network > Click on that program and select End task.
  • Use Dedicated GPU: Access Device Manager on PC and under Display Adapters disable integrated GPU.

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  • Launch The Game Through Steam: Try running the game using the Steam game engine. In most cases, it fixed the freezing issue.
  • Verify the Integrity of the game file: To make sure game files are not corrupt you can scan the files.

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  • Disable Overlay apps by following My Game Library> Game Properties > Uncheck the box  Enable Origin In-Game for One Piece Odyssey > Save
  • Launch via EXE & Compatability options: Launch the game with compatibility options to mitigate Freezing problems. To apply this fix go to Steam > Click on One Piece Odyssey > Click on Browse local files > Click on OnePieceOdyssey.exe > Properties > Click on the compatibility

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  • Turn off Game Mode: Go to System’s Settings > Gaming > set Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar” to off > Now on the Captures tab set the “Record the background while I’m playing a game” to Off > click on the Game Mode tab, and turn it off.