Effective Methods To Fix PS5 Black Screen on Startup, No Display, or No Signal

Solve PlayStation 5 not showing any display, black screen, or blank screen.

Embarking on your gaming journey with the powerful PS5 should be exciting, but what if you’re faced with the frustrating “PS5 black screen” challenge? Imagine turning on your console, eagerly anticipating the gaming experience, only to encounter a troublesome black screen.

This issue is widespread among PlayStation 5 users, whether the screen stays persistently black during startup, turns blank, or even displays in black and white. If you’ve found yourself in this gaming predicament, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

In this guide, we will explain effective solutions to fix the PS5 black screen on Startup with sound. Now you should be worried about if PS5 turns on but shows no display.

What Causes PS5 Black Screen After Logo?

Upon examining the PS5 black screen problem it came to light that this error can also appear in the following circumstances.

  • Faulty HDMI cable: Make sure your HDMI cable is working properly. If the cable is faulty the PS will not turn on. Always use the HDMI cable that comes with PS5 for better performance.
  • The power cord is not connected properly: The PS5 won’t display on the TV if the power cord is not connected properly. The PS5 will not get power and you will end up seeing a black screen.
  • TV power cable is not connected properly: The no signal on TV error appears if the RV power cable is not connected.

How To Fix PS5 Black Screen After Logo

The fixes mentioned below will solve PlayStation 5 not showing any display, black screen, or blank screen error.

1. Power Off PS5 and Unplug External Drives

While searching for solutions for the PS5 black screen on Reddit, users confirmed that they unplugged the drives connected to the PS5 and TV while turning them off, which fixed the blank screen problem.

To do that press the power button on the console for 10 seconds till you hear twice beeps. Unplug all the drives and devices i.e. external hard drive or headphones.

Now turn on the console and launch the game to see if a black screen appears on startup.

If the problem persists then do the same with your TV turn it off and unplug the power cable. Wait for a minute and turn it on.

2. Change PS5 Video Resolution

In most cases, the wrong video output resolution in PS5 is the main cause of the black screen on the PS logo. Follow the below steps to fix this issue.

  • Ensure the PS5 is turned off (white light).
  • Locate the power button and hold it down until you hear one beep.
  • Hold down the power button again until you hear a second beep (about 5-10 seconds later).
  • Connect a USB cable to the front USB slot and plug in your controller.
  • Press the PS button on the controller to access Safe Mode.
  • In Safe Mode, select option 2, “Change Video Output.”
  • Choose “Change Resolution.”
  • Restart the PS5 after selecting “Change Resolution.”
  • After restarting, select the desired resolution (try “Automatic” first).
  • If automatic doesn’t work, try different settings, starting with the lowest (480 or 720p).
  • Once back on the home screen, go to Settings.
  • Navigate to Screen and Video > Resolution to make additional changes if needed.

3. Repair PS5 Console Storage

There are chances that SSD has encountered some sort of error so you should go to the repair console storage option here is how to do that:

  • Unplug the Power & HDMI Cable and leave it for approximately one minute.
  • Now plug in the cables and Press the power button on the front to turn on the PS5. (wait for the blue light to show up)
  • Now enter Safe Mod to do that hold down the power button until you hear a second beep.
  • Once the lights are turned off plug in controller via USB cable into the front of the PS5.
  • Press the PS button on the controller and use the D-pad to navigate and X to select.
  • Select option 3: Repair Console Storage and follow the on-screen instructions.

4. Disable HDR, Deep Color Temp, and HDCP

In case PS5 boots up properly but goes black after a few seconds or shows no signal issue on TV/Monitor then it is because you have enabled additional settings. Follow these steps to fix it:

  • Try to disable HDR, Deep color temp, and HDCP settings on your console.
  • Go to Settings > System > HDMI > Disable HDCP.

Again go to Settings > Screen and Video > Turn off 4K HDR + Deep color temp.

Tip – In the Safe Mod you can also select Option 2 i.e. Change Video Output > Change HDCP Mode > HDCP 1.4 Only

Many users confirmed that tweaking these settings solved the problem for them. It seems that sometimes there’s a discrepancy between your console and TV.

5. Use PS5 Remote Play Application

As an alternative method to overcome the PS5 black screen issue, you can use the PlayStation Remote Play application on your smartphone.

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how to implement this method:

  • On your mobile go to the app store and download the “PS Remote Play” application.
  • Ensure that your device and your PlayStation 5 are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the PS Remote Play application on your device.
  • The application will prompt you to sign in with your PlayStation Network (PSN) account. Follow the on-screen instructions to sign in.
  • The app will automatically search for and detect your PlayStation 5 on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Select your PS5 from the list.
  • Once connected, you’ll be able to see and control your PS5 screen directly on your device.
  • Navigate through the menus using the on-screen controls provided by the app.

If the black screen issue prevents you from accessing settings on your TV or main display, you can use the Remote Play app to navigate to the settings on your PS5.

  • While in Remote Play, you can navigate to the PS5 settings Settings > System > HDMI) and try turning off or adjusting HDCP settings.

6. Check Capture Card

If you encounter a black screen due to copyright protection while using a capture card, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to PS5 settings.
  2. Scroll down to “System” and go to “HDMI.”
  3. Turn off and disable HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection).
  4. This action is intended to resolve the black screen caused by HDCP conflicts when using a capture card. Disabling HDCP may impact the usage of certain games and apps, but it can address the issue of a black screen when HDCP is turned on while using the capture card.

7. Change the HDMI Cable

The HDMI cable connects to the console and TV if it gets faulty you might see PS5 black screen windows.

To check if it’s the HDMI cable that’s not working connect it to other devices i.e. desktop or laptop.

Ensure that the HDMI cables being used are of high quality and support the required standards i.e. HDMI 2.1 cable for the PS5.

8. Hard Reset Your Console

To fix the PS5 black screen on startup you should try resetting your console. Follow these steps:

  • Keep your finger pressed on the power button for about 10 seconds so that it turns off completely.
  • Remove the power behind the console and keep pressing the power button until there is no power. This will clear the cache.

After this, connect back the console to power. Wait a few seconds to turn it on and see if PS5 is flashing a black screen again.

9. Update your TV/Monitor’s Software

If you’re facing a black screen issue with your PS5, consider updating your TV’s software or your monitor’s firmware.

For smart TVs, access the Settings app, go to Device, then Software Update, and check for updates. Install any available updates.

For monitors, connect to your computer via USB, download the latest firmware from the manufacturer’s website, and run the installer.

This may resolve compatibility issues between your display device and the PS5.

10. Try Plugging the PS5 into a Different TV

Last but not least connect the console with another TV to ensure that it’s not the TV’s fault.

Still, if you can’t fix the PS5 black screen after the PS logo problem then contact Sony technical support.

11. Contact Sony Support

If the PlayStation 5 black screen still appears and the above methods don’t work for you, then there are chances that either your console or controller is damaged.

You should contact the Sony Service Center online and create a ticket. If the PS5 is under warranty they will entertain your claim.