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Fix: PS5 Black Screen After PS Logo 2022

Solve PlayStation 5 not showing any display, black screen, or blank screen.

Stuck in the PS5 black screen after boot up? PS5 won’t display the screen? Here are the Solutions.

You probably have bought a new TV and when trying to connect PS5 does not show up on TV with no signal detected error will appear.

You aren’t alone to face this situation, many players are dealing with PS5 black screens when they turn on or on the startup of the game.

What Causes PS5 Black Screen?

Upon examining the PS5 black screen problem it came to light that mostly this error appears when your TV is not capable of giving higher resolution than the PS5.

For example, you had a TV that supports 4k resolution but you switched it with the one that supports 1440p. The problem of the black screen will occur because PS5 is still supporting 4K and isn’t configured to change it to 1440p.

You can solve this problem by simply lowering the output resolution in PS5 safe mode.

Other causes include:

  • Faulty HDMI cable that results in PS5 Black Screen dropouts.
  • Power cable not connected properly that is resulting in PS5 not showing on TV.
  • HDMI ports are not working.

Things To Do Before Going Applying Fixes

The solutions provided here will be futile for you if the HDMI cable isn’t plugged in properly. So,

  • Makre sure that PS5 is getting power
  • HDMI cabple is properly connected with PS5 and TV and there’s not fault in ports.

Hopefully below fixes will solve PlayStation 5 not showing any display, black screen, or a blank screen.

Fix 1. Power Off PS5 and Unplug External Drives

While searching solution for the PS5 black screen on Reddit, users confirmed that they unplugged the drives connected to PS5 and TV while turning them off, it fixed the blank screen problem.

To do that press the power button on the console for 10 seconds till you hear twice beeps. Unplug all the drives and devices i.e. external hard drive or headphones.

Now turn on the console and launch the game to see if a black screen appears on startup.

If the problem persists then do the same with your TV turn it off and unplug the power cable. Wait for a minute and turn it on.

Fix 2. Lower Output Resolution in PS5 Safe mode

As already explained the false resolution output is the main culprit that causes PS5 black screen after logo problem.

Follow these steps to lower the resolution output:

  • Shut Down PS5: Press the power button untill you hear two beeps. It can take upto 10 seconds.(If the PS5 is in rest mode then first power it up and then shut it down)
  • Boot PS5 in Safe Mode: Now boot up the console into safe mode by pressing the power button until you hear second beep.
  • Connect ControllerUsing USB Cable: In Safe mode you won’t be able to connect controller to WiFi so use the wired DS4 via USB cable and press the PS button.
  • Change Resolution Output: Fron the main screen select Change Video Output and then press X to Change Resolution.
  • Upon confirming the changes PS5 will restart.

The PS5 will select the resolution that is suitable for your TV, just press X to select the maximum supported resolution.

Fix 3. Disable HDR, Deep color temp, and HDCP

In case PS5 boot up properly but goes black after a few seconds then it is because you have enabled additional settings.

Try to disable HDR, Deep color temp, and HDCP settings on your console.

Go to Settings, select Screen and Video, and turn off 4K HDR, and Deep color temp. If the issue persists, disable HDCP as well.

Many users confirmed that tweaking these settings solved the problem for them. It seems that sometimes there’s a discrepancy between your console and TV.

Fix 4. Change the HDMI Cable

The HDMI cable connects to the console and TV if it gets faulty you won’t be able to boot into safe mode hence stuck with PS5 black screen windows.

To check if it’s the HDMI cable that’s not working connect it with other devices i.e. desktop or laptop.

In case the HDMI cable is not working then buy a new one. The PS5 is capable of delivering 4K at 120 FPS but that requires a 2.1 HDMI cable.

Fix 5. Hard Reset Your Console to Fix PS5 stuck on black screen on startup

  • Keep your finger pressed on the power button for about 10 seconds so that it turns off completely.
  • Remove the power behind the console and keep pressed the power button until there is no power. This will clear the cache.

After this, connect back the console with power. Wait a few seconds to turn it on and see if ps5 is flashing a black screen again.

Fix 6. Try Plugging PS5 into a Different TV

Last but not least you can connect the console with another TV to endure that it’s not the TV’s fault.

Still, you can’t fix the PS5 black screen after the PS logo problem then contact Sony technical support.